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Which Grey’s Anatomy Character Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign

With the first half of Grey’s Anatomy season 16 just recently wrapping up, I’ve been lacking my weekly Grey’s fix. In order to catch up on all my favorite fake TV doctors, I went back and started re watching the show from the very first season, and I got to thinking, it’d be interesting to assign different characters to different zodiac signs. If you’re like me and have ever wondered which doctor on Grey’s is most like you, read on to find out! 



Aries: Alex Karev

Aries are super outgoing and friendly, they are headstrong and can easily take on leadership roles, and are also known for being aggressive and short tempered, which makes for the perfect Alex Karev… remember when he beat the crap out of Andrew DeLuca? But through it all he is one of the few people left on Grey’s Anatomy who has been there for Meredith from the start. 


Taurus: Ben Warren

Ben makes for the classic Taurus. He is reliable, responsible, and can tend to be possessive, especially over the things he loves. Just think about how he took in Tuck as his own son after he started his relationship with Miranda Bailey. 


Gemini: Richard Webber 

Geminis are always gentle and sweet, and super helpful, but also tend to be bad decision makers, and can have a serious side. With Richard being a mentor for a majority of new interns and residents on this show, he has always been a shoulder to lean on. However, let’s not forget his difficult past of adultery and alcoholism, making him a great gemini. 


Cancer: Arizona Robbins

Cancers are deeply emotional and sentimental, as well as sympathetic and love to keep people close. Just like that time Arizona fought for custody of her daughter, Sofia. They are also highly supportive and can be amazing friends and mentors (roll all the cute scenes with Arizona’s number one mentee, Alex Karev)


Leo: Meredith Grey

The classic Leo is confident and have people drawn towards them. They can give off an arrogance and be stubborn, but are warm hearted and truly want to help people, making Meredith the ultimate leo. Mere often puts herself at risk in order to help others – like the time she risked losing her medical license to save a little girl’s life by committing insurance fraud, it’s safe to say Grey will stop at nothing to help a patient. 


Virgo: Christina Yang

Virgos have strong personalities, and are a little closed off to the world. In addition, virgos are very logical when it comes to decision making, which our girl Christina Yang knows much about. Although Yang can be cold, it’s only because she values herself so highly, and knows that she is skilled, especially when it comes to quick decision making in an operating room. 


Libra: Amelia Shepherd

Libras love companionship, value justice, and try their hardest to avoid and prevent conflict whenever possible. In addition, is is hard for Libra’s to commit to people fully. Ameila has been through a lot in her life, losing a child, brother, and fiance already, which in return has made it harder for her to commit to people, such as her ex – husband Owen Hunt.   


Scorpio: Mark Sloan (McSteamy)

Scorpios are known for being great friends, who love to joke, and can also be mysterious and stubborn at times, in addition, they tend to not have the greatest time settling down in their love life. Until Lexie Grey walked into McStreamy’s life, he was known to be quite the womanizer. In addition, despite their ups and downs, he has always been there for best bro Derek Shepard.    


Sagittarius: Jackson Avery

Known for being an extrovert, Sagittarius loves to travel and be outdoors (remember the camping trip with Jackson and Maggie gone rouge?), and tend to be generous. Jackson comes from a lot of wealth, and instead of that making him closed off, he has learned to be very generous, often doing many pro bono surgeries. 


Capricorn: Miranda Bailey

Bailey over the years has proved to be very independent, responsible and a go getter -think of how she fought for the job of Chief. However, they also tend to be a know it all type, and can be very unforgiving. Although Bailey can appear to be very hardered, she cares deeply, that is until you cross her, making her the ultimate capricorn. 


Aquarius: Derek Shepherd

Love to be independent, and can be shy at first, but once you get to know them can very outgoing. Aquarius born are also known for being one of the most intellectual of signs, and Derek Shepard is arguably the smartest surgeon to every step foot in Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. 


Pisces: April Kepner

Very wise and intuitive, and can also be very in tune to their emotions. Pisces tend to be socially popular because of their relatable and likeable manner, however they are often times also sad and can easily become the victim. April Kepner has been through a lot in her life such a losing a baby, getting divorced, and having her relationship with her family challenged. However, through all those emotional events, she has stayed strong and followed her gut. 


No matter who you are matched with on this list, we all have things in common with a pretty kick ass team of surgeons, even if they only play them on television. 




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Nina is a sophomore Communication major at the University of Connecticut. She previously attended Miami University, in Oxford Ohio. This is her first year writing for Her Campus.
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