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What You Need To Know Before Watching The Series Finale of ‘Money Heist’

With the series finale of Money Heist dropping on Friday, we’re finally going to get answers to some of the series’ most anticipated questions. If you’re not aware, Money Heist is a Spanish TV show about major heists brought about by a band of thieves. Perhaps better known for the well-known mask based on the Spanish painter Dali, Money Heist is one of Netflix’s most-streamed shows. But, with exams, work, and other things coming up, not everyone has time to sit down and binge four and a half seasons of a TV show. But don’t worry! I’m going to be telling you precisely what you need to know before this highly anticipated finale drops on Friday, December 3rd. Before we get into it, please beware of spoilers ahead!

I’m going to assume that we’re all good with seasons one and two, but here’s the main picture, in case you’re not. The story is narrated by Tokyo, one of the people recruited by a man who goes by ‘the Professor.’ His goal is to get into the royal mint of Spain and print money. The Professor explains that there are three rules: no relationships, no backstories, and no names. This leads each member of the group to choose the name of their city to preserve their previous identity; we have Berlin, Tokyo, Rio, Denver, Moscow, Nairobi, Helsinki, and Oslo. 

You should know Denver and Moscow are father and son, while Rio and Tokyo get into a romantic relationship. Additionally, the inspector in charge of managing the heist, Raquel, tries to get the group to cooperate by communicating with the Professor. Still, she ends up falling in love with him after meeting him in person. By the end of the second season, we lose Moscow and Oslo. Berlin also sacrifices himself to buy more time for the group to escape. Berlin was the professor’s brother, and he only had seven months left to live due to an illness, but he wanted to die via different means. They all split the money and go their separate ways, all looking to settle outside of Europe. 

Now we can move on to the recent heist of the show, which started out in season three. It starts after Rio is captured and tortured by the police. Tokyo asks the Professor for help to save him, and he gets the group back together for another heist. This time, seeking to steal 90 tons of 24K gold from the Bank of Spain. Here we’re introduced to Palermo, Bogota, Manila, and Marseille. Though there are many twists and turns, the main event is that Nairobi is fatally shot by one of the bank’s guards, Gandia. There’s also the new person in charge of handling the heist for the police: Alicia Sierra. But, after being branded a traitor and getting help from the Professor while in labor, she switches sides. 

After a lot of chaos, the police manage to enter the Bank, but not without a massive explosion that crushes Helsinki’s leg. Though he gets help, it doesn’t look like he’ll be in shape to escape the Bank. But, perhaps the biggest shock was Tokyo’s death. After getting shot, she’s stuck in a large kitchen with no way out. However, in a move similar to Berlin’s, Tokyo stays behind while Denver and Manila escape. She knows that she’s in no condition to move and decides to stay and fire back at the police. Of course, Tokyo is outnumbered, and it becomes much more than what she can handle. Eventually, the fire ceases, and the police get closer to see if she’s dead, but they don’t notice all of the grenades around her that are a second away from exploding. But it’s too late by the time they realize, and the massive explosion kills Tokyo and seemingly those in the room with her. 

I know that I left a lot of things out of this recap. I didn’t mention side plots and different timelines, but we’re only interested in the main story. There’s plenty of theories and plausible directions the show could take, and with all of this, we will have to wait and see how the events unfold. Luckily, we’ll find out on Friday!

Maria is a political science major and a freshman at UConn. She was born in Bogota Colombia but currently lives in MA. She enjoys spending time with her friends, learning new languages, reading and playing with her dog.
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