What Every UConn Student Can Relate to When Starting the New Semester

Emerging from the break like…


Paying the tuition bill and contemplating life, all while attempting to determine whether going to school has been a sunk cost and you should just get out now.

Then finally accepting you’re in it to win it and that you’re committed to that degree. Goodbye sanity and sleep. Hello next 10 years of student debt.


Having had the last semester kick your butt and hoping that the break would heal you, but then realizing you in reality can’t imagine making it through yet another semester.


Stressing about the few bad professors that you could not avoid having, and analyzing their terrible rate-my-professor scores in order to prepare for the worst case scenario.



Expecting to start off the new semester with the best grades since you have committed your whole soul to the degree.


You are a new person now after all. You know things will finally be different this time around. You’re going to be organized and kick this semester’s butt.


And you are fantasizing about all of the possible picture-perfect social events, where this time you may just have your shit together. “I’m only going to drink on Saturday’s and I will study all throughout the week!”


But in reality you fear it will again just end up like this Sunday through Wednesday…


And you will still end up at nickel night every Thursday with your girls because, well, you know that four for a dollar deal is basically the highlight of your college existence.


And studying will once again be defined as something less than useful.


Never mind the annoyance of ordering unnecessary, overpriced textbooks.


And wondering why so many are capitalizing at your expense.

Arriving on the first day to only not be able to find parking until trying four different lots.

But still getting excited walking into class looking all snazzy in your first-day outfit and searching for your homies.



Having to pretend you actually intend to read the syllabus and come to the next class ready to learn and take on work.


Having the worst teacher on the planet announce a giant group project on the first day of class.


Realizing all too quickly that maybe things are not going to be all smooth sailing this time around.


Also quickly realizing which teachers will be good and which will be a joke.


And then within a short week having your attitude be like…


And finding it harder to get through classes.


But luckily you know some mind tricks to get you through the suffering.


But by the end of week two you realize you are officially in over your head.


But it’s okay. Because at least you know everyone around you is going through the same struggle. You are not alone. RIP our souls until after graduation </3.