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What Happened To The ‘Dance Moms’ OGs? An Update On The Girls

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

If there’s one thing I love, it’s some reality TV drama. I think this interest was sparked when I would sit down in the living room after school and turn on Lifetime TV to watch moms go at each other’s necks and hear Kelly tell Abby “Get your finger out of my face.” If you couldn’t tell by now I’ve loved Dance Moms for as long as I remember and I truly think I’ll be a lifetime fan. The dancing was mesmerizing, and the girls being around my age and having those Hollywood lifestyles had me practicing my splits in my room daily for the next TV audition. Though I never made it on the show, I still keep up with the girls and what they’re doing in their careers. Let me break it down for you to see what these childhood stars are up to now. 


Chloe was always the fan favorite on the show. She was sweet and polite and never had anything negative to say about the other girls. Chloe went through a huge amount of trauma on the show and has shared much of her experience being bullied by Abby. She’s been able to stay involved in the dance world by starting her own dance competition called “Elevé.” Their mission is: “Together we will thrive, cheer each other on, and experience the joy of dance.” She also wrote an autobiography titled Girl on Point: Chloe’s Guide To Taking On the World in 2018. She’s currently in a relationship with Brooke Khoury who is a skateboarder and model. The two seem to be doing well and it’s great to see Chloe still involved in the dance world.


Maddie was always the ultimate “it” girl on the show. Abby was obsessed with her and because of it, many of the moms took out their jealousy on her. She’s spoken out multiple times about the trauma the show caused her and now she’s thriving in her career. She and Mackenzie recently came out with a partnership with American Eagle. She also recently attended New York Fashion Week and seems to be thriving and finally working on projects she’s invested in.


If you haven’t checked out Mackenzie’s new song “Anatomy” please stop what you’re doing and check it out right now. “Anatomy” is truly a masterpiece about Mackenzie’s childhood and her relationship with her dad. It’s a personal look into her life that we never got on the show. Though “Girl Party” was a hit, “Anatomy” gives us a deeper look at the potential Mackenzie has as an artist. She’s also currently in a relationship with Tacoda whom she slid into the DMs of after seeing him on TikTok. Mackenzie seems to be living her best life and spending a lot of time with her sister Maddie.


Nia is a college student just like us! She’s currently attending UCLA while also making content on both TikTok and YouTube. She’s still acting including most recently The Bold and The Beautiful. She still seems super close with her mom Dr. Holly who we all loved on the show. She was also recently featured on Variety’s 2023 Young Hollywood Impact Report. It’s great to see Nia doing so well and be able to live a more normal college life outside of the spotlight.

Brooke & paige

Brooke and Paige both seem to be living a much more normal life now. Brooke is super active on TikTok and attended college at Ohio State. She’s still involved in the dance world and even judges competitions from time to time. She is in a serious relationship with what seems to be a mystery man whose Instagram I can’t find. She’s living it up in her new home in Austin and seems to be living the normal life she always talked about wanting on the show. Paige is currently studying at West Virginia University where she also seems to be in a serious relationship. Her Instagram is serving travel goals.


Kendall is currently a dance team member at James Madison University. She seems to be living the true college lifestyle while still having a connection to dance. In 2021 she started hosting The Kendall K. and Friends Show on CBS-TV.

There’s nothing more nostalgic than watching an episode of Dance Moms. It’s crazy to see how these young dancers have all grown up, started college, and grown their careers. I hope these updates provided you some closure on what the OGs are up to now and compelled you to sit on the couch and watch Holly shout “Empty chair do a solo.”

Kara is a second-year at the University of Connecticut majoring in Physiology and Neurobiology with a minor in Sociology. her hometown is Wells, Maine, and she loves going out to eat with friends, crocheting, and writing articles for her campus!