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What Does Your Mug Say About You?

Mugs can be seen across college campuses nationwide, stuffed in mesh side pockets of North Face backpacks or zipped into Vera Bradley tote bags. So what does your mug says about you?
Animal print: You’re not afraid to show off your wild side, and being the center of attention or in the middle of the dance floor is where you belong. Fun and flirty is totally your style and your bedazzled pink zebra print mug says just that!
Sporty Water Bottle: You’re floor mates have probably nicknamed you the “Gym Rat” after your daily intense work sessions between classes. Motivation and athleticism is what drives you and you take your hydration needs seriously, just like your water bottle.
Tumbler: Casual and convenience is what dominates your life style. Being able to quickly refill your tumbler at the dining hall and then saunter to class, nonchalantly sipping your drink like you just stepped out of Starbucks is your morning routine. Being cute and practical? Your personal M.O. 
Eco Coffee Cup: Being able to singlehandedly save the environment and get your caffeine fix in the morning, equals a perfect day for you! Your heart is dedicated to saving the world and why should the way you drink be different?  At any moment you can be seen toting a reusable coffee cup that looks stylish and won’t add to a landfill, the epitome of eco-friendly!

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