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This fall, along with everything else right now, is looking a little bit different than what we’re used to. Dress pants have been swapped for sweats, and realistically the only apple orchard I’ll be going to anytime soon is the produce section of Trader Joes. But I’m not letting that stop me from wearing my favorite layered trends. Hellooo, this is the age of Instagram people! If my friends can’t see my outfits IRL, at least I can stunt on them holding my pumpkin spice latte through a screen. 

Below are some of the cutest (and might I add- coziest) trends this fall. Perfect for a socially distanced hangout, a masked stroll through a vineyard, or simply your couch…we’re not judging. 



Leather Leggings

My favorite part about the leather legging trend is its ability to be dressed up, or down. Pair it with a hoodie and a trench coat for a street-style vibe, or a dressy top and heels if you’re feeling extra fancy. Pro-tip: grab a fleece lined pair if you want to wear this trend all the way through the winter! 


I’d personally like to mention that I went to Catholic school, and there is in fact a way to make these cool, I promise. Add an oversized button down, some jeans, and chunky shoes for the full effect! 

Statement Coats 

If youre from New England too you’re probably thinking- we’ve know this forever! But this isn’t just any old coat, it’s floor length, oversized, and printed masterpeices. Seriously, it puts my North Face to shame. 


The ultimate way to flex from your couch. *Insert me eating pizza and watching Hulu* 

Tennis Skirts 

If you’re lucky enough to live someplace warm this fall, or at least warm-er than where I am, this ones for you. Its perfect because you get all the perks of looking cute during tennis, without the whole sweating part!

Jennie is a senior at The University of Connecticut studying communications, a previous intern for Her Campus Nationals, and the editor-in-chief of Her Campus UConn! You can find her on instagram @jennie.fetzer, or in the decor section of TJMaxx buying candles.
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