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The Ultimate Guide to Make Your Workspace Relaxing and Productive

This year has brought new challenges into all our lives, including turning our usual workspaces upside down. This guide will help you fix up your messy desk, and turn it into the most relaxing and efficient space to get your work grind going. By the end of this makeover, you’ll never want to stop taking aesthetic Instagram pictures of your new and improved workspace!

Organization Bins Are Your New Best Friend

The best way to start your workspace makeover is by clearing any unnecessary items off and away from your workspace. Reducing the initial quantity of things from your workspace helps you know your work must-haves, and from there you can find the best methods to organize what is left. Always remember, less is more!

This is where organization bins come in. Now I know what you’re thinking, organizational bins are extra and boring, but I promise you they are a life saver! Places like the Container Store, Amazon, and World Market have functional, affordable, and unique styles to provide an organizational bin for any type of item.

Mastering the art of organization bins can add so much style and personality into your workspace, and can actually spice up a lame desk. Adding these into your workspace allows you to spend less time searching for your favorite pens and important documents, and instead, provide you with clarity that you have everything you need right in front of you.

Invite Plants to the Party

Now that everything is put away and organized the next step is to add some life into your new space and bring in some greenery. Plants are a great way to brighten up workspaces and give you something to look forward to.

TBH, from a person who has killed every plant I touched, getting good at taking care of indoor plants is a really great way to relax yourself during a hectic work week. Taking the time to care for your plants, and watch them grow, is the perfect way to boost your mood when working. You can find your new plant either at a local plant nursery, online, or even Trader Joe’s (OMG)! 

I promise you’ll be wanting to show off your workspace plant progress all over your Insta Story!


Lighting is Key

Having the right lighting set up can make or break a workspace, affect productivity, and actually increase our overall mood too. We are staring at our screens all day, whether its attending virtual meetings and classes, binging Netflix shows, or watching TIkTok’s, we are constantly straining our eyes. It is everything to have bright lighting when your working and studying.

Adding natural light is a great way to boost your mood. There’s nothing like feeling the warmth of the sun and sparkling daylight to relax you when you’re working hard. Although, finding a space where natural light is prime can sometimes be difficult or even impossible to find. But don’t worry, having a cute lamp and trendy fairy lights work great too, anything to help you brighten up the space will do!

Get a Planner, It’s Everything

Buying and sticking to a planner is a game changer. If there is one thing to take away from this guide, it’s this. Keeping a planner can drastically reduce your stress and improve your productivity. I know it’s something extra to add to your workload, but it will actually be so relaxing in the long run.

It’s vital to find the best planner that fits your life. Some of my favorite places to shop for planners are Target, Urban Outfitters, and T.J. Maxx. There are so many different kinds, from monthly calendars, to hourly lists, all the way up to Apps that do it all for you- there is bound to be a type of planner that will match your lifestyle.

It doesn’t matter where your workspace is this semester, whether you’re on campus, at home, or anywhere else, creating an effective workspace for your lifestyle is essential to stay relaxed and productive.

Follow this guide and feel inspired to take on your workspace makeover!

Ariela is a Junior at the University of Connecticut majoring in Marketing, with a double minor in Communications and Analytics. She loves living in New York City, sustainable beauty, and all things plants. Throughout her career, Ariela hopes to combine her passion in Marketing with spreading female empowerment.
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