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UConn Bus Struggles We All Know Too Well

For those of us who live pretty far from campus or commute, we tend to rely on one lifeline to get us back and forth between classes: the UConn bus. There’s plenty of reasons why we love & hate the UConn busses as a part of our daily routine, and we know these struggles all too well…

1. When the bus just does not follow the schedule or the bus tracker app: After anxiously watching the bus tracker you see that it’s nowhere near where it says it’s supposed to be. You not only feel upset and disappointed, but also low-key like you’ve been lied to. 

2. When you are waiting for the bus in the cold: As the temperature starts to drop, that means we are going to have to wait for the bus in the cold and… the snow (cue the crying). If that’s not enough, brutal wind is pretty much guaranteed as well. 

3. When you go on the wrong bus line:  When you’re so preoccupied that you don’t bother to check where that bus is going and then immediately regret it. You end up having to walk to your destination or try to get another bus (if you want to go through that again). 

4. When you get on the bus too late and don’t get to class on time: When you procrastinate catching a bus, it never ends well. It usually results in having to run to your class. 

5. When there’s only one bus on that color line running:  When your classes are later in the day or it’s the weekend, unfortunately only one bus is running which means the wait time is twice as long.

6. When you see the bus in the distance:  There’s often that moment where you’re an awkward distance away from a bus and you’re not sure if it’s going to drive away or if you should try and run to catch it. And debating the options too long will probably make you miss it anyway.

7. The debate between walking and waiting for the bus: When the bus isn’t coming for a while so you have to make the painful decision on whether or not walking back instead will be worth it. 

8. When the bus is stuck in traffic: You instantly regret not walking because the bus ride ends up being way longer than you expected and you can’t get off the bus fast enough.  

9. When the bus drives by:  You’re instantly filled with regret for not walking faster or leaving earlier and utter sadness. 

10. When the inside of the bus is either super hot or freezing: The temperature in the bus is never right. Either the AC is blasting and you’re looking for a sweater, or it’s sweltering and you feel like you’re getting no air.  

Good luck collegiettes, may you catch your bus in time for your next class!  


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