The Types of People You See at the Pregame

Ah, the pregame. The art of perfecting pregame strategies to have a good time come easy to some...and not so easy to others. There are all sorts of people at the pregame, from the ones who are the life of the the ones who may not have even been invited in the first place. Here are fifteen different types of people that you know and love at the pregame. 

The host 

This is the person who invites everyone over to their room, apartment, or house and brings all of you together. This person wants everyone to have the best time and wants to be known for having a lit pregame. This person is also responsible for returning all jackets and other clothing items back to the squad after the night out.

The one who goes too hard 

This person mistakenly thought the pregame was the party or the bar and drinks a little too much. They may puke-and-rally or have to end their night early if they actually make it out. Watch out for this one, they’re going to need your help holding their hair back.

The one who says they aren’t going to drink tonight and ends up outdrinking everyone else 

This person is probably recovering from a bad hangover or needs to get up early for class or work tomorrow. But, when FOMO kicks in they’ll be right in the middle of the action drinking with everyone else.

The one who controls the aux

This person wants to put everyone in the right mindset before they go out. They want to be known for having a bomb playlist and always playing the right music before the squad heads out. They’re open to requests, but for the most part they know exactly what to play and when to play it.

The one who seems miserable

This person is a Debbie Downer of sorts. They sit on the sidelines of the pregame and don’t want to partake in any of the pregame rituals: the beerpong, the shots, the dancing, etc. Most of the time this person got dragged along when they didn’t want to come in the first place and it shows.

The one who wants to borrow everything

This person is usually scavenging for last minute pieces to add to their outfit. Whether it be a choker, a cute top, or a pair of shoes, this person definitely did not come come prepared and the host’s closet will become their closet.

The one who wants to snapchat everything

The snapchat queen wants to show off just how much fun they’re having. This person will show off everything that happens...and we mean EVERYTHING. Be careful of this one because they expose you drunk alter-ego to the world. No...we don’t want to be reminded of that time that we thought we could twerk.

The one who doesn’t bring anything to the pregame and mooches off of everyone else

This person clearly is not prepared for a “pregame” because they’re either too broke, didn’t have time to get something for themselves, or both. They will go up to everyone at the pregame and try to get a shot or a sip out of them. Don’t worry though, they probably won’t pay you back for it or pay for a drink while you’re out.

The one who says they will drive (but ends up drinking and still insists to drive)

This person overestimates their ability to handle alcohol. They plan on driving the squad, but end up seeing how much fun everyone else is having and ends up drinking alongside of them. This person will think they can drive home, and the mom of the group will make sure that doesn’t happen. Friends do not let friends drink and drive!

The mom of the group

This person makes sure that everyone is doing well and is safe. This person will hold your hair back when you’re throwing up because you drank too much tequila, will hold onto your phone when you try to call that boy that “sober you” would never call, and will get everyone a ride home when you’re DD is no longer a DD.

The one who is just here for a good time 

This person is no rookie. They know how to handle their alcohol and know their limits - because one of us needs to. This person is a good time, a laugh, and is just ready to get to the bar or party and have a lit night with everyone. They are the person you want at the pregame.

The one who wasn’t invited

There’s always one. This person either invited themselves or just tagged along with someone who was invited. Most of the time, there is a reason this person wasn’t invited. But hey, they’re here now and you can’t let them put a damper on your mood.

The one who isn’t sure that they even want to go out

This person has a lot on their mind: assignments, exams to study for, drama in their life, and they just want a chill night in. But, they were convinced to come out and now they’re not sure if they actually want to follow through. This person just wishes they were in bed with Netflix and snacks.

The one who leaves their wardrobe there

Let’s face it, there is always one person who leaves their jacket, change of shoes, and outfit options in the Host’s room. This person will return to the scene of the pregame to try and recover everything they brought. It will most likely take them a few trips because they forgot to take something in the first trip.

The one who plans on drinking too much

This person, for some odd reason, plans on drinking too much. Theres always one friend who plans on overdoing it. Watch out for this one because they are going to be in trouble on this night.