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Twitter in a Frenzy After Harry Styles Drops Solo Song

April 7th was officially declared Harry Styles Day after fans stayed up all night to be the first to listen to the youngest One Direction member’s solo debut single. Styles’ song “Sign of the Times” was received well by fans and it even got some One Direction haters praising Styles’ unique vocals.

“Sign of the Times” has a very 70s inspired pop-rock sound and is compltely different than any current music on the radio. The song begins with a soft piano gently playing in the background, which Styles has been practicing in private for years. Fans were in awe after listening to Styles’ range of voice, including a falsetto they weren’t used to hearing during the One Direction era.

Styles is expected to perform his single for the first time on April 15th on Saturday Night Live hosted by Jimmy Fallon, a huge self-proclaimed Harry Styles fan.

Here are a few tweets from emotional fans on Twitter describing how “Sign of the Times” made them feel:

And of course, we can’t forget to mention the support Styles received from some of his bandmates:

Styles has not announced a release date for his solo album yet, but stay tuned because it can’t be far away.

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