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Tweeters: Defined

When I scroll through my favorite social networking site, Twitter, I can’t help but be annoyed by some of the tweets I see.  If you tweet, you know there are certain Twitter “personas” people exhibit.  Find your Twitter identity in this article:
The Tweetaholic:
This is the person that decides to tweet every hour of every day.  While this could be beneficial if this person is your roommate and you are trying to avoid them, it’s usually REALLY ANNOYING.  They usually tweet things like “omg, it’s so hot in here”.  Excuse me for being blunt, but no one cares.  If you’re this person, I most likely unfollowed you already. 

The Invisible Name:
This is the person that decides to join Twitter just because they enjoy reading other people’s tweets, but they never tweet.  If you are part of this wonderful network, please contribute to it.  If you are this person, you are basically saying you are a nosey busybody and you want to know what is going on with people but you don’t want them to know what is going on with you.  Please, just try to tweet once a week. It’s not that hard, just a sentence is necessary.

The H8ter:
This is the person that sees someone’s tweets and decides to comment on it subtly, but you know they are commenting on your tweet.  I mean, if you are angry, work out your frustrations at the gym. Don’t put it on a social network.

The Sports Fanatic:
I am not a sports fan, so I am a little biased in disliking this tweeter, but they are really annoying.  This is the person that decides to tweet about every play in a football game.  Just sit and watch the game, don’t tweet about it.  If I have to see Tim Tebow in my Twitterfeed again I’m going to scream.

The Emo Tweeter:
Twitter may be a type of diary, but remember, it’s public.  Please do not express really personal things on it.  This may be tweeting about having problems with your boyfriend or girlfriend.  The emo tweeter writes really personal things on Twitter so people with feel sorry for them.  If you are having issues, talk to a friend, don’t post them on Twitter.

The Hashslinging-tagger:
Hashtags are a fun part of Twitter, but if you don’t know how to use them, just say no to hashtagging.  This is the tweeter that includes an annoying hashtag in every single one of their tweets.  My favorite annoying hastags include: #sorryimnotsorry #leggo #whitegirlproblems and of course girls who hashtag #fatgirlproblems when they are super skinny.

The Wannabe:
This is the person that tweets about whenever they go out with someone to look popular.  Okay, in middle school I admit that you would set your away message on IM that you were going over someone’s house to look cool, but we don’t need to know about every place you go, just the interesting stuff.

The Conversationalist:
It’s common Twitter courtesy to tweet back when someone tweets at you, but it is NOT acceptable to have a whole conversation on Twitter.  Hello, ever hear of a thing called text messaging?  Please do not decide to have a whole conversation on Twitter with your best friend about inside jokes because it is super annoying.

Did I not identify a persona on Twitter?  Leave a comment with your annoying Twitter pet peeves!

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