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The Top Websites for Procrastinating

After setting yourself up for what you believe will be hours and hours of intense studying, much of the time you find yourself lingering on websites. In reality you know you should be getting work accomplished however, you are sucked into looking at something that’s interesting but has no relevance to your work whatsoever.
The usual suspects of major time wasters are Twitter, Facebook, and the blogging site Tumblr. However, after some time scrolling through these sites it can get boring and other times there is nothing interesting happening. Try something new to keep yourself entertained while you procrastinate. Just because you are holding off on work doesn’t mean it has to be a total waste.
 A new website that is catching a lot of female attention is www.pinterest.com. This website has an unusual set-up were you have a main wall of various pictures dealing with different subjects that are personalized to your interests. Almost like Tumblr, but with pictures only, you can re-pin to your own wall for other people to see. Another feature of this site is the fact you need to make a request or be invited in order to sign up for the website. It’s very exclusive.
You can basically find any type of trinket, homemade item or even vintage anything on www.etsy.com. This website is a lot of fun to look through with the many unique finds and it never ends at the many possibilities that could be found on this site. Whether it’s old fashion compasses, eco-friendly wedding dresses, or even vintage cameras there is always something random and really cool to see. Although you are supposed to buy these products it’s still fun to look through and see the many crazy things that could be found.
A website that isn’t really commonly talked about is www.time.com which is based off the magazine. This website is filled with content that you can look at for hours on end. Already the website has news updates, interviews, and a few videos. Navigate your way to the photos section of the website. If you scroll down there are numerous slide shows of different current events. These photos can keep your eyes glued to the screen for hours and all the while you are learning of current events around the world or learning a highlight in history.
It’s nice to be interactive when you are procrastinating but games built into the computer aren’t always entertaining so head to www.pogo.com. You can easily sign up for an account that is free and then play numerous games that can range of different genres. There are the classic games such as scrabble, boggle, and the classic bejeweled. There are hundreds to thousands of other players at a time so you’re not just playing a computer but another human being. Playing games in between studying can really de-stress you for the time being before getting serious again.
Procrastination isn’t the best practice around but it’s nice to take a break from work every once in a while and not think for a bit. Mindless surfing the web is always relaxing especially when looking at websites that are amusing and appeals to your personal interests. Be sure to check out these websites in between studying or while procrastinating.

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