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Top 10 Tweets About Black Panther

The new Marvel film Black Panther has taken over pop-culture since it was released mid-February. It has made huge amounts of money at the box office and has had millions of people dying to see it. Along with the movie’s incredible popularity in the theaters, it became the most tweeted about movie of all time. Previously, the Star Wars franchise held the top two spots in their hits The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, but Black Panther surpasses both of these with an unbelievable 35 million tweets about the movie. Here are ten of the best tweets about the film:


1. A reminder that we all miss the former First Lady:


2.  Nothing like a good rivalry:


3.  One of the most gif-worthy moments of the movie:


4. Girl Power:


5. Wouldn’t we all?


6. A movie that meant so much for so many people:



7. A positive impact on young black children:


8. The meme that never dies:


9. This iconic line:


10.  Very clever:



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