Three Empowering and Body Positivity Brands for Women

Throughout the past decade, the fashion industry has changed drastically. By including a diverse range of models that have different body types and who are of different ethnic and racial backgrounds, brands have become more inclusive to women all over. Specifically, there are brands out there that make an extreme effort to empower all women and support body positivity. Here are three clothing brands that go the extra mile to be inclusive of all of their customers.

  1. 1. Aerie

    Black women in bra

    After Aerie revamped their brand to promote body positivity in women, sales have been through the roof. Having models who are of all different body types and cultural backgrounds model their clothing, especially intimates, shows just how inclusive their brand really is. With 43 different bra sizes, Aerie has a wide selection for all of their customers. 

  2. 2. Athleta 

    Silhouette of woman doing yoga at sunset

    Athleta is one of the most empowering retail brands for women in the world. Owned by Gap Inc.,  this brand has taken off as an all women’s athleisure wear store whose motto is “Power of She.” Athleta sells activewear for women in numerous sizes with even more additional sizes found online. By including models of different body types and ethnic and racial backgrounds, it is clear that this brand is accepting and inclusive of all women. Not only is their clothing extremely comfortable, the brand makes an effort to help their customers feel like their best selves in the clothes through their female empowerment attitude. The inclusion in the girls' sizes also empowers young girls through motivational quotes and mottos found on the tags and shirts.

  3. 3. ASOS

    Being an online fashion retailer, ASOS has become a very inclusive brand that has sizes for tall, petite, plus size and maternity. The diverse range of models and inclusion of thousands of stylish items in plus sizes from numerous brands allows this online retailer to appeal to all customers.

If you are ever in need of stylish and comfortable clothes, these brands have a variety of options to choose from. When shopping, consider if the brand promotes empowerment and body positivity; because in the end, it's not how you look but how great you feel in your clothes.