Thoughts of a College Senior

It seems like just yesterday that we were the newbies on campus. We were the ones trying to figure out how to fit all of our stuff into tiny dorm rooms, trying to meet as many people on our floors as we could, the ones looking up to the seniors who seem cool, calm and collected and thinking “How are they not constantly freaking out?!”  Well now it's our turn to take on the senior year scaries, and we are freaking out. In less than a year we enter the *gag* real world. Don’t worry, we’re all asking ourselves these same questions.


Will I graduate on time?

Trying to keep track of all of the gen-ed requirements and major requirements can get a little tough. Am I caught up? Do I need to take a winter class? You’ll probably find yourself in your advisor’s office about seven times, just to “double check”.


Did the class of 2020 really just enter college?

But weren’t they just freshman in high school yesterday? You probably feel 100 years old now.


Why do my friends already have post-grad jobs?

A lot of your friends are already starting to get post-grad job offers. Don’t worry, it’s okay!! Depending on your major, the field you're interested in might start recruiting at different times. It will happen for you too, be patient.


Will I still be friends with those people I only see at bars/parties?

You know, the ones whose number you don’t even have but you're totally loyal Instagram friends with? Will you still be friends with them post-grad? Probably not, but you should definitely cherish those memories of you two sharing each other’s life stories in the frat party bathroom.


Can people tell I’m low-key looking at a campus map on my phone?

Even though we’re seniors we still don’t know where some places are, especially on a big campus. Koons Hall? What is that?


Where will I be living in one year?

Oh, the possibilities are endless. Home, Boston, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle... it’s too stressful to even think about.


Do I even like my major?

Well hopefully at this point you find yourself studying what you love, but during those little mental breakdowns it can get a little confusing. Don’t freak out. You’re probably just not thinking straight!


Am I having a quarter-life crisis?



Am I excited to have the best year of college yet?






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