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Things You Should Do By Yourself: Learning to Enjoy Your Own Company

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Something I’ve always struggled with is doing things on my own. I grew up shy, nervous to talk to even some close relatives at family parties. This later developed into social anxiety where I would be too anxious to ask questions or talk to customer service workers. I used to do that whole “I can figure it out on my own” thing where I would just end up wandering around the store for a full hour until I either found what I was looking for or just gave up and left. More recently, I’ve been working on my anxiety about doing things alone and for myself. I think it is so important to take time to just be by yourself and do something you enjoy. There is something so healing about learning to be present with yourself and not rely on the company of another person. I have compiled a short list of some of the things you should absolutely try by yourself, even just once.

*Disclaimer: Though most of what I will be talking about will be things in public areas, please be safe! Be aware of your surroundings, always tell someone where you’re going, and trust your gut. Let’s be safe out here ladies.

1. Breakfast Date

Take yourself on a little breakfast date! Find a cute little cafe or diner that’s comforting to you, order your favorite latte or a delicious stack of fluffy pancakes, and just enjoy your own company. Bring a good book or a notepad to get lost with while you’re there. Bonus points if you support a small business in the process!

2. Movies

I cannot tell you how nice it is to just go see a movie by yourself. I like to bring a nice blanket, order popcorn, maybe sneak in a few of my favorite snacks, and just enjoy the movie. There is something so satisfying about not having to coordinate plans with another person, searching for a time to go. If you want to see a movie, just see a movie! Don’t rely on someone else to go with you.

3. Shopping

Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping in the company of other people. I think it’s nice to have someone to get opinions from and talk with as you go. However, it is so fun to just go to the store with headphones in, playing music or a good podcast, and just browse. I’ve done this while grocery shopping, wandering Target, and even scouring Goodwill! 

4. Go for a Walk

We all saw the TikTok trend about walking for your mental health. The truth is, it works! Grab your emotional support water bottle, put on a nice playlist, and just start walking. Especially now with the leaves changing, nothing beats taking in the gorgeous scenery, people-watching, and just enjoying some fresh air. I took the liberty of finding a cute little walking playlist to get you started!

5. Do Something for You

This sounds super general, but treat yourself! Get your nails done. Get that tattoo you’ve been planning for months. Get the piercing you’ve thought about every time you see it on another person. Do something that is going to make you happy, and do it by yourself. I recently went and got a tattoo alone and let me tell you, the confidence boost that I got from being able to get a tattoo with no moral support from another person had me soaring! Do something that makes you feel empowered. Whatever this one looks like for you, do it with purpose and without guilt.

Kallan Doyon

U Conn '23

Kallan is a senior at the University of Connecticut studying Psychology, with minors in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and Sociology. She plans to pursue her Masters in Social Work after this year. She loves writing! Like, genuinely love it, and rediscovered her love of writing just recently!