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5 Things My Spiritual Awakening Has Taught Me (So Far)

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

The spiritual awakening is often described as a peaceful, happy phenomenon. It can be a feeling of bliss and excitement about the world because of a change in perspective. I’ve come to learn that it’s actually much more difficult than that. They weren’t wrong about the beauty of it all, however. When the spiritual awakening occurs, with what I’ve gathered from my own experience, at least, there’s a stripping away of the ego. It’s a death and rebirth, and a fighting match against the old, pained version of ourselves that wants to be heard. The spiritual awakening is essentially a time when some people realize they are having a human experience as a soul, and that we are all connected. Here are five of the most interesting things I’ve learned along the way since my first major awakening in 2019.

1. You have complete power over your reality

Everything around us is just a reflection of ourselves and our beliefs. These beliefs will be reflected back onto you unless you wire your subconscious to believe something else. That’s why when you start taking better care of yourself and speaking to yourself in a kinder manner, you’ll see more of that self-love reflected to you through people and experiences. You have access to infinite realities depending on your free will and actions, so you have the power to do things the want and see life the way you want! It can be really fun when you decide to see the bright side of things! Keeping a gratitude journal, for example, is such a great way of instilling in yourself more positive beliefs and living with a feeling of abundance! 

2. There is so much more than meets the eye

There is a fifth dimension where our higher selves, the most self-actualized versions of ourselves that know what is best for us, can communicate with us, and send us signals. Oftentimes these messages occur in the form of repeating numbers, or angel numbers, music with different meanings, animals and animal behavior, other people, literal billboard signs, and other synchronicities. Angel numbers often appear as a sign from spirit guides and angels who want to let you know that you are on the right path. It’s a sign to trust and feel more connected with more than meets the eye. A lot of it has to do with intuition. We are all much more powerful than we believe, and we all know deep down what the answers to anything is. A great way to exercise the intuitive muscle, our sixth sense, is to meditate. Quiet the mind and let the answers come to you!

3. We feel so free when we release control

It’s easy to feel frustrated when things don’t go our way. Many people believe that there was a huge energetic shift in the collective during the pandemic, and that because we were forced to sit with ourselves more than usual, many of us were catapulted into a spiritual awakening. You may have heard this before, but it can be so rewarding to start living by the motto “I release control, what is meant for me will find me and won’t pass me by.” With this thought process, we can feel more liberated and have more fun! It can also help us determine things that no longer serve us or don’t feel right to us so we can live more prosperously. 

4. You can raise your vibration to attract better things for yourself

This happens to be one of my favorite spiritual lessons I’ve learned. I’m a naturally highly sensitive person, so the smallest things can easily affect my moods (depending on how much I let them get to me). That’s why I started listening to more upbeat and uplifting, happy music. Music can have a direct impact on our vibrations. So can sleep and laughing. Petting a dog is wonderful for lifting the vibration! Listening to sad music lowers a person’s vibration because of how it tends to remind us of sad things and reinforce sad beliefs. The key is to do things that make us feel happy and inspired. When we raise the vibration by doing things that we enjoy that align with the higher self and our passions, we emit more positive energy and have an easier time attracting experiences, such as love and kindness, that make us feel happy too! Manifestation is all about visualization and emotion!

5. We are love

We are all connected and created by love. We are evolved organisms that are constantly searching for forms of love and happiness, working towards lifestyles that make us happy and experiences that help us spend time with people we love. When we help others, we are essentially helping ourselves and healing parts of the collective constantly. To be compassionate is to hold the ultimate power as a soul in the human experience! 

Wishing you all so much love and happiness along the way in your journeys!

Namaste, Clara 

Clara is an undergraduate student at the University of Connecticut, Storrs, who is actively pursuing a degree in Communications. Clara has also worked as a designer for her school newspaper "The Daily Campus" and runs a fashion and lifestyle blog called "Why Not?". In her free time, Clara enjoys meditation, music, podcasts, sushi, and trying new things. Her dream is to work for a brand she is truly passionate about.