Things to Be Thankful for @ UConn

It might not always be your favorite place on the planet, but UConn definitely has some things to be thankful for.

1)  Late night dining halls. You won’t have to eat ramen for a third night in a row, hooray!

2)  UConn pride = throw on anything UConn and call it a day. Roll out of bed in a UConn T-shirt, and you’re good to go.

3)  Basketball season ticket raffle. You are the chosen one.

4)  FREE THINGS EVERYWHERE. Whether it be apple cider donuts, speakers, T-shirts, gloves, or Dunkin Donuts gift cards.

5)  Buses. UConn is a city within itself, take a bus.

6)  Meal points. It’s like you aren’t even spending real money.

7)  Grab-N-Go. Flex on em’. Literally, use all your flex passes before the next semester.

8)  Storrs Center. You won’t have to keep rationing your soap because you can just buy some more when it runs out!

9)  Late Night. If your plans fall through and you end up at the U Friday night, you are in for a treat at karaoke.

10)  Weekend breakfast. Can I personally thank whoever decided to make brunch until 2 p.m. a thing?  Because after a long night/early morning, all you want to do is sleep in.


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