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The Nopalera Moisturizing Bar Is A 2023 Must-Have

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

I’ll be honest— I suffer from chronically dry skin that starts flaking as soon as the weather gets cold (so basically from November to May). If I don’t remember to moisturize my entire body right away after getting out of the shower, I’ll be hurting the next day.

I’ve tried using all different kinds of traditional moisturizers, but there’s nothing more frustrating than a liquid explosion inside your bag or getting lotion underneath your nails. Plus, do I really need to be purchasing five different kinds of moisturizers for my hands, lips, face, body, and feet? What a waste of plastic (and money).

If you’re anything like me, you absolutely need to try out Nopalera’s Flor de Mayo Moisturizing Botanical Bar!

The bar

Nopalera currently carries two moisturizing bars: the Original and the Flor de Mayo. Before trying out the Flor de Mayo, I had no idea that lotion bars even existed. I’ll admit, I felt a bit dubious at the idea of rubbing what appeared to look like a bar of soap onto my skin. For some reason, I expected it to feel sticky or be difficult to use.

A few weeks into using the product, I can say with confidence that Nopalera’s moisturizing bar quite literally melts against my skin like butter. I’ve been using it to hydrate my entire body after showering, down to my cuticles, and I couldn’t be more impressed! Unlike other products I’ve tried, the bar hydrates without leaving me a greasy mess that can’t leave the house.

Further, I love the way the product feels and smells. The jasmine oil is super calming, and applying the bar has become one of my favorite parts of my routine (my mom is obsessed with the smell, too, so I’ll probably be gifting her one soon). The bar is also very long-lasting. I quickly learned that a little goes a long way, and I feel like I haven’t even made a dent in my Flor de Mayo bar.


As a consumer, ingredients are super important to me— especially when it comes to products that are going on my body. The Nopalera team (including founder Sandra Velasquez) is inspired by the beauty and richness of Mexico and the nopal cactus. They are committed to making high-end products with clean ingredients.

Nopalera is transparent about the Flor de Mayo bar’s natural ingredients, which are labeled on the packaging and listed on their website. The bar is made by hand, vegan, and doesn’t contain any synthetic dyes or fragrances. It’s also cruelty-free.

One of the key ingredients is Nopal oil (prickly pear oil), which comes from the seeds of the cactus fruit. Super high in omega fatty acids, amino acids, and vitamins E and K, Nopal oil promotes healthy, glowing skin, collagen production, and elasticity. It has been used for centuries, originating in Mexico with the Aztecs and Mayans. Women have been using it for food, skincare, and hair health for generations.

Other key ingredients include jasmine essential oil (antibacterial properties, reduces scars, is a mood uplifter and natural aphrodisiac) and pink clay (reduces irritation, inflammation, and the “greasy” feeling of many moisturizers). My Nopalera bar came with an unexpected opportunity for education about Mexican culture and traditional, natural ingredients, which I really appreciated.

No water, no plastic

One of my favorite parts about this product is the way it’s packaged. I hate when products come in the mail wrapped in wasteful layers of plastic that just get thrown out. The Flor de Mayo moisturizing bar arrived packaged in a light pink cardboard box. Inside the box, a gorgeous reusable tin contained the bar.

All the packaging is recyclable or reusable and is aesthetically pleasing at the same time. The tin is super easy to travel with and can slide inside a handbag or tote without any worry about spillage or lotion explosions. For that reason, I can’t wait to take this product with me abroad to Scotland next week!


I think it’s pretty fair to say that I’m obsessed with my moisturizing bar. (Goodbye, lotions with annoying pumps that spill everywhere!) Nopalera also carries a bunch of soaps and exfoliants, so I’m super excited to try more products from the inspiring brand. Happy shopping!

Chloé Hummel is the President and Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus UConn. Chloé enjoys writing articles that help advance the goals of intersectional feminism. She also works as a marketing assistant for Globe Pequot Press in Essex, CT. In her spare time, Chloé enjoys yoga, pilates, and reading fantasy books. She is a passionate vegan, a 70s music enthusiast, and a poor piano player.