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10 Ideal Podcasts For Niche Film & Pop Culture Lovers

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

As long as I can remember, I have gravitated toward films. More than a few of my core memories are from my reactions to certain films. Some of those memories were my first R rated movie, My Cousin Vinny, making me a fan of both Marisa Tomei and Joe Pesci, elevating the Home Alone experience. Or, I remember having my night ruined by Mufasa’s death in The Lion King. Similarly, I loved comedy and celebrities. I grew up watching Craig Ferguson with my mom, hoping to be that funny and I remember the first time I would tape the host of the Oscar’s monologues so I could re-watch. When I discovered podcasts centered around these topics I was thrilled. I wanted to spread the message to those with the same interests.

Advantages of Podcasts

The podcast world has something for everyone. The selection is large and the ability to get hooked quickly is easy given the ability to find something you love. In the sea of podcasts, you can find the podcasts that cater to your particular interests, favorite celebrities, or genre that you can think of. I find them to be very appealing because I love storytelling and longer forms of entertainment. I want an interview, for example, to cover all kinds of topics or have guests go into details and that can’t happen on cable television. This is why I love listening to my favorite late night host’s podcast because it can be unscripted, unfiltered, and genuine. In case you’re wondering, my favorite host on late-night TV was Conan O’Brien.

The Beauty of Podcasts

I love listening and getting lost in music but there are times when putting on a podcast brightens my mood because it offers something that music doesn’t. If you’re on a long walk or a long drive, a podcast is the perfect form of entertainment because you can get completely captivated. You feel like the people on the podcast are talking directly to you and you feel involved in the story or topic. One reason I think they are so successful is because they are similar to old forms of entertainment that people are familiar with. Nowadays anyone can start a podcast because they are accessible, allowing for everyone’s niche interests to have a platform and potential audience.

My Interests

Another writer in my campus chapter wrote an excellent article about hot girl wellness podcasts.

I have listened to many of those podcasts Charlotte wrote about and enjoy them tremendously. However, I typically turn to podcasts that revolve around my favorite interests which are film, TV, and entertainment. I love all things centered around films: how they are made, the actors involved, and the stories they cover. But I also love listening to people who are intense fans of the films or tv because their enthusiasm and humor are something I can relate to. Additionally, there are many celebrities or personalities whom I love hearing what they have to say, particularly because they’re humorous. I wanted to highlight my favorite podcasts to anyone who has a passion for this kind of pop culture.

My Recommendations in No Particular Order:

1. Radio 1’s Screen Time

Radio 1’s Screen Time is hosted by the lovely Ali Plumb, who is the BBC’s designated film lover. He covers movie news, gives passionate reviews, and thoughtful-yet fun interviews with actors and directors. Based on his persona and through his interviews, he is the type of person you want as a friend because he’s so genuine and uplifting. He is just one of the best and you’ll always tune into a fantastic interview.

2. Happy Sad Confused

Happy Sad Confused is captained by the driven Josh Horowitz, who’s been in the industry for a decade. He allows his passion for entertainment and film to drive his questions and the topics covered in his interviews with actors, writers, and directors. His speciality is in depth, career-long conversations and is very thorough in this research which allows his guests to feel seen. 

3. The Movies that Made Her… But Not Me

Lauren Llyod and Minnah Stein are the co-hosts of The Movies that Made Her… But Not Me, which is very unique because Lauren is a Baby Boomer and Minnah is Gen Z. Their generational differences and perspectives make the conversation richer and engaging. The goal of this podcast is to undercover the culture represented in the movies and on their impact. With the generational difference between the two women, they discuss the impact and the culture based on lived experience or an outsider perspective. These ladies are a delight!

4. The A24 Podcast

Why not check out the entertainment industry’s most prized independent studios in recent years? The A24 Podcast is different because there is no host or ads. It is unfiltered conversations between actors, directors, or creators of all A24 produced content. The guests genuinely want to talk about their work with someone who understands the ins and outs of the industry. If you enjoy the shows or films from this studio, you are in for a treat!

5. Raiders of the Lost Podcast

Raiders of the Lost Podcast is hosted by identical twin brothers whose love for film is clear as day. They turned their passion into a career and amassed a following because of their expertise and insight. Their comments are thoughtful and they are always excited which makes their brotherly banter all the more entertaining. 

6. The Broski Report

Brittany Broski spearheaded The Broski Report which is a collection of her obsessions, hobbies, fears, or grievances. Brittany is the definition of fearless and someone who never let society change her. It’s a space for women who are fangirls to feel seen. We also call her supreme leader which is a long running gag.

7. The Bald and The Beautiful with Trixie and Katya

This pop culture podcast is run by world famous drag queens Trixie and Katya who are the perfect example of wonderful hot messes. They discuss recent entertainment news, current events, beauty and more. They are a perfect duo and compliment each other so well.

8. Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

The comedy bit that has been propelled by Conan is that he has no friends outside his family and co-workers. He created the podcast to get to know the people he enjoyed interviewing during his Late Night program in hopes they can become friends. I’m a fan of his humor and how his comedy is inspiring and timeless.

9. Smartless

The three hosts are longtime friends and that is clear in the preamble before one of the hosts uncovers the mystery guest. Their banter and humor is mesmerizing because it is so natural, you feel like you’re in the room with a couple of pals. 

10. Strike Force Five

During the Writer’s Strike, current late night hosts started a podcast to support their striking writers and their out of work staff. Rival comedians interacting with one another in this casual setting is very entertaining. You can honestly see which are the stronger interviewers which is fascinating. So much fun!

in sum

If you’re out there thinking you can’t find a space for your interests, keep looking or start your own! Getting to listen or watch someone talk about what they’re passionate about is very satisfying. Hearing other people talk about the things that bring me joy make my day. Additionally, I’d encourage everyone to find films they love and get lost in the stories or listen to the drama of the week in the world of celebrities. There is a podcast for everything!

Emily Clifford is a writer for Her Campus UConn. She enjoys writing about her unique experiences at college and other topics such as career, culture, and lifestyle. Emily is also the Marketing Vice Chair of SUBOG's Digital Entertainment and Films Committee and Vice President of Media for UConn CHAARG. Emily is working at the UConn Center for Career Development as a College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Ambassador this school year. During her free time, Emily loves to read contemporary romance and fantasy novels, taking spin and barre classes, and baking. She is a huge fan of the NY Islanders and of sailing. One of favorite podcasts is Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend.