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With midterm season in full swing and the mid-semester slump leaving me unproductive in my go-to study spaces, I have decided to come up with a list of some of the best study spots at UConn. 

homer babbidge library

Ah, the UConn classic. Centrally located on campus, the lib is a popular study spot amongst its students. I find myself frequenting the lib almost every day of the week, it’s convenient, has a cafe to fuel up on caffeine, and always has a new nook or spot to discover. Each floor also has a different noise level, so you’re certain to always find somewhere to be the most comfortable and productive.


Gant is a classic study space for STEM majors at UConn. With many parts of the building being newly renovated, I have always loved to study here. Whether it is on the main floor by the staircase, or upstairs on the barstools, there are many spaces to study at Gant. I especially love coming here on weekends because it is usually very empty and quiet.

Wilbur Cross south reading room

This is probably to most aesthetically-pleasing study spot on campus. The Wilbur Cross Reading Room makes me feel like I am at an ivy-league school with the chandeliers hanging and long tables lining each side of the room. If this room is full, I also love to spend time studying pretty much anywhere on the first floor of the Wilbur Cross Building.

the union

When many people think of the Union, they think of the crowded and bustling area by the food court. This part of the union is not quite my style, I much rather prefer the various study lounges on the main level or exploring to find some open seats on the upper levels. 

dining halls

During the fall semester, I loved to do work at the dining hall, especially Whitney. Although I now mostly spend my days at Homer Babbidge Library, I still find that many people will cram some studying in at any dining hall that I go to. What I particularly like about this option is that you always have a coffee or a quick snack available to you at any time while you studying— how convenient.


This one is a little lesser-known, but ITE is a great study spot on campus. Most floors have study areas, including a larger one on the main floor. Especially since it is centrally located on Fairfield Way, this is a great place to get some work done!

the bookstore

The bookstore surprisingly also has some study spaces for UConn students to take advantage of. The first option is the Starbucks on the main level. Although there is not too much seating, these seats are right in front of the windows looking at the center of campus. The second, lesser-known spot is on the second floor, which has some tables and chairs along with yet another great view of campus!

montieth 4th floor

For all of you math people out there (like me) you’re likely spending a lot of your time in Monteith. Although it may seem that there are not any study spaces in this building, on the 4th floor there is a nice lounge with plenty of seating to study. Although it is usually busy here, it is still a great place to hang out in between classes.

empty classrooms

Especially at night or on the weekends, empty classrooms are a great place to get some work done with your friends! I found myself doing this a lot with my friends last year when not many places were open. My favorite buildings to get a classroom include Monteith and Oak!

I hope you found these recommendations helpful and found your new go-to study spot on campus. Procrastinating on your work still? Check out this article Amanda wrote about what your go-to UConn study spot says about you!

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Emily is a sophomore at the University of Connecticut double majoring in Secondary Mathematics Education and Mathematics. In her free time, she likes to go on runs, spend time with family and friends, watch sunsets, and eat ice cream.
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