Surviving the end of the semester, as told by Scandal and Grey's Anatomy

Spring has begun- which means the weather is getting warmer and summer is almost here.  It’s even harder to focus on all your responsibilities, and you might be getting tired of your daily routine.  Check out these tips to cruise to the end of the semester with style.

Don’t forget to schedule some me-time.

With everything you have going on, taking care of yourself (and personal hygiene) can fall to the way side. Treat yourself to some amazing new products, such as the TRESemmē Beauty-Full Volume Pre-Wash Conditioner and Volume Shampoo.  When your hair looks and feels great, you’ll be a little less stressed and have one less thing to worry about.


Spice up your look

There’s nothing like a new accessory or makeup set to have us feeling at our best.  Check out some of Milani’s new eyeliners- they come in shades of purple, turquoise and black that will add some ~sass~ to any look.

Still bored with your look? Try slipping o a Brappz Strap. These fun, colorful straps with two way detachable hooks can slip onto a strapless bra, be worn with swimwear, or paired with any shoulder-exposing top.


Keep everything together

With everything you have going on, you’re bound to forget something. Keep everything in one place without sacrificing your style with the Vera Bradley Ella Tote, perfect for class, your internship, or a day trip.  Toss all your important IDs and credit cards in a Zip ID case and you’re good to go.



Have something to look forward to

What’s better to look forward to than an amazing trip? Plan your ultimate study abroad experience with a program like CEA and explore the world! Having amazing plans to look forward to will keep a smile on your face for the rest of the semester.


Do little things to make your life easier

Sometimes it’s the little things that stress us out the most. Avoid having to run to the ATM to pay back your friend for that one time she spotted you at Chipotle and use Circle Pay, a social payment app that lets you send and receive money all on your phone. You can use it to send your share of the cable bill to your roommate, split with bill on dinner, or anything else you need.


Prevent the unexpected

Nothing stops us like a bad grade, an awkward encounter with an ex, or an illness that leaves us feeling icky. While some of these are unavoidable, take control of what you can by staying healthy. Eating AZO Cranberry Gummies, for example, is like drinking an entire glass of cranberry juice, which can prevent urinary tract infections.  So at least you will have one less thing to worry about!


College is hard- we get it.  Just stay positive and we can all keep killing it- summer is just around the corner! 

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