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Survival Kits Prepare Our Chapter for Spring Break

Our chapter is ready to leave this cold weather and kick-start break thanks to all of our spring break essentials that we received in our Spring Break Survival Kits. You can be sure that our members will pack their copy of Dirty Rush or the Intern Handbook for that long flight or simply read it curled up on the couch with an ice-cold diet coke fashioned in one of our Her Campus cozies. Traveling can be dangerous especially when doing so alone. With that said, we are especially grateful for the pepper gel that was included in the kits. Whether we are on a beach in Mexico, traveling through Europe or are staying in Storrs, we are ready to sport our Her Campus sunglasses everyday! We absolutely love the travel-sized shampoo and conditioner, perfect for any vacation spot. 

Thank you to all of HC’s sponsors and to nationals for creating this amazing survival kit for spring break.

HCXO, University of Connecticut Chapter 

Erin is a journalism and communications student at the University of Connecticut who loves to learn about all aspects of magazine journalism and believes magazines are the perfect form of free expression. Erin is normally found holding a copy of Vogue, Seventeen or Elle and is constantly following the latest trends from Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. She always sets aside time in her day to have a good laugh, which usually includes reruns of Friends and Boy Meets World.
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