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Super Simple DIY Holiday Gifts

I’m pretty crafty and was in the mood to make gifts for my family and friends last year.  There’s nothing like a homemade gift to give during the holiday season.  Though nothing ever comes out exactly how it looks on Pinterest, I’m pretty pumped about how my crafts came out.   This year, I’m eager to try out new ideas!

1. Scrabble letter ornaments

The best part about these was that I could make them say anything I wanted, and use whatever ribbons I liked!  I made six of these for my younger cousins.  Their parents loved them, and the kids thought they (and me, of course) were super cool.  



2. Tea light snowmen


Not only are these the most adorable things ever, they are ridiculously easy.  Each has their own personality!


3. Wine bottle ornaments

These cute little reindeer give any bottle some holiday cheer.  This gift is awesome for aunts, moms, older sisters, or any wine lover in your life.  



4.  Candy sleighs  


I made four of these for my cousins.  They were devoured instantaneously. 


4. Spirit hangers


I am on my university’s kickline team, and wanted my secret snowflake recipients to have something with school spirit.  I decided to make spirit hangers in our school colors for them to put their uniform on!


No matter who you are or who you’re looking to get a gift for, there’s a DIY out there to help you out! Thanks Pinterest for being a life-saver.  


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