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Super Bowl to Open for the This is Us Episode We’ve all Been Waiting for

NBC Just took Super Bowl Sunday, the biggest television day of the year, to a whole new level. This Sunday, February 4th, the much anticipated episode revealing Jack Pearson’s death- the episode This is Us fans have been waiting for since the start of the show, will finally air directly following the Super Bowl. Thank you NBC, as if the possibility of Tom Brady winning his 6th Super Bowl (breaking the NFL record), the annual Budweiser Clydesdale Commercial, or the return of Justin Timberlake to the halftime show stage didn't already make for an emotional rollercoaster of an evening.

NBC really played their cards well, with last week’s episode ending right after the Super Bowl in the Pearson household. Unless he somehow could have put The Steelers in the Super Bowl this year, creator Dan Fogelman really couldn't’t have done anything more to make it feel like we are there living this horrible day with the Pearsons. Actor Sterling K. Brown, who plays Randall on the show is convinced that Fogelman “may have written his best hour of television,” so we have no option but to watch this action packed hour live, before it destroys the internet like last week's episode.

Although we all knew Jack’s death would eventually be explained, some fans are surprised it’s coming out so early in the show, only in the second season, when the third season is already signed with a very promising chance of more underway. Will the show lose it’s touch once Jack’s death is known? Will we get to see more of that period between Jack’s death and when the show starts? Most importantly, how does NBC expect us to recover from this hefty episode in just 2 days, with another new episode airing Tuesday, February 6th? So many possibilities, even more emotions and probably not enough tissues.

So brace yourself collegiettes, for this Sunday will bring you through every emotion you can think of. Keep the party apps and tissues coming, because it will most definitely be a long night.

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