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The Struggles of Riding UConn Buses

Deciding to ride the bus to class is a big risk all UConn students take when we just don’t want to walk. Here are the struggles we all face when riding the bus (or trying to).

The app is useless. The bus tracking app times are always wrong.

The bus already left. You walk all the way to the bus stop, check the app to see how much longer, and you come to find that the bus has already left.

I hope you are wearing your parka because now you have to walk to class in a blizzard.

Driver change. If the bus is actually there when it says it will be, you get on with the hope of making it to class on time. But wait, they need to change drivers and go aaallllll they way to the Transpo Center before taking you to class.

Feeling a little claustrophobic? The buses are super crowded when the weather is bad. 

Just look down. Spending the next five minutes sitting super close to the people next to you and trying not to make awkward eye contact with anyone.

Do I move or do I stay? Not knowing if you should move down when seats open up or not.

Just wanting to go home. Getting on at the wrong stop and riding the bus for an hour until you finally make it back to your dorm.

Where am I? Not knowing which color line stops where and ending up at Hunting Lodge and having no idea where you are.

If you want to make it to class on time the final decision may be to just walk because lets face it, UConn buses are just too unpredictable.

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