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The third season of Stranger Things arrived on Netflix over four months ago, but left so many unanswered questions that keep everyone talking: Will the Byers family ever return to Hawkins? Are Eleven’s powers gone for good? Is Hopper… dead? (I don’t even want to think about that one.)

Of course, until the fourth season releases, we won’t get any definite answers, but that doesn’t stop people from coming up with as many theories as possible:

Season 4 Will Take Place During the Holiday Season

Question one: When will we get our answers? In one of the final scenes of season three, Mike talked to El about how he could visit her for Thanksgiving and her and Will could come back for Christmas. Seeing as season one took place in November 1983, as the town was getting in the holiday spirit, season two centered around Halloween, and season three revolved around July 4, a Thanksgiving/Christmas setting is definitely likely for season four. Maybe a winter 2020 release?


Hopper Is “The American”

After the Duffer Brothers ripped our hearts out with that scene where Joyce and Hopper exchange final looks, hope was regained during the end credits scene. Many people believe Hopper to be “the American” in the Russian jail cell, which makes sense when you think about the fact that the Russian man chasing Hopper has referred to him as “the American.”


Hopper Isn’t “The American” – Brenner Is!

While Hopper could be “the American,” it’s not the only possibility. We never actually see Brenner die in season one, which could mean he didn’t. In season two, when Eleven and Kali confronted a former agent of the Department of Energy, he claimed Brenner was still alive and that he knows where he is, but nothing further came of that conversation.

How did Brenner get to Russia? He could’ve been taken prisoner when the scientists found their Demogorgon. Since Brenner knows so much about them and the Upside Down, it makes sense that he would’ve been taken for information.


Season 4 Will Address Chernobyl

So far, each season has taken place a year after the one before it. If season four follows this pattern, it should take place in 1986, which was the year in which the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster occurred.

It’s been revealed that some of season four will take place outside of Hawkins, and since the end credits scene was set in Russia, it could be a potential setting in the future. If events lead to a big finale in Russia, Chernobyl could happen as a result, or could be used as a cover-up. In season two, Dr. Sam Owens mentioned that the US Department of Energy has a tendency of using big events or fabricating events to divert the public’s attention from strange occurrences.


Time Travel

Considering the show already has interdimensional creatures and a character with supernatural abilities, time travel wouldn’t be that big of a jump. If Hopper actually died, the gang could go back in time to reverse it, and maybe get Eleven’s powers back in the process. Hopper’s letter to El did reference turning back the clock, so we shouldn’t rule it out.







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