Stages of Finals Week As Told by Rappers

Finals is coming up and with that comes lots of feelings - stress, panic, utter sorrow... But don't worry because even our most beloved rappers can relate to how we'll all be feeling in the next few weeks. 

Week before finals. Motivation is at an all-time high. You are prepared to kill it. The future is yours.

You’re crushing the color-coded flashcards game. Beating up the WebAssign. Spirits are high.

You realize you’ve spent all your time taking Buzzfeed quizzes and watching videos of small animals doing silly things. Thoughts of dropping out begin to consume you. You just want your cat.

You get that greatest HuskyCT notification that the final will not be curved. Future continues to look bleak. 

Hope doesn't exist anymore. You roll up to your exam prepared to take the L. College isn't meant for everyone.

Even though you prematurely accepted defeat, you still walk out of your exam salty as hell because what even were those questions?? 

Mid-week. You’ve taken half of your finals and survived. Must convince yourself that you’re okay. Nope. That's not working. You hate everyone and everything.

You don’t know anything you’ve learned since August, but you do know that you won’t hesitate to throw hands at the next person to look at you funny. A few days to go.

You do better than that cocky kid who sits next to you. Things start looking up.

That exam wasn’t even as hard as you thought. You hand your papers to your prof like:

You have one exam left. Prayers are being said.

You turn in your last exam! The chronically grey sky almost immediately clears up. Birds begin to chirp. Blood begins to run through your veins once again.

You thought you were free of finals stress when your homie calls you up to let you know that grades are up.

Turns out all your studying paid off and you crushed finals week. Time to relish in self-appreciation.

Happy studying and good luck on finals!


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