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Spring Break > Thanksgiving Break

Honestly, we’ve been looking forward to spring break since… well, winter break.  Thanksgiving break just doesn’t do it for us.  All it does is prepare you for a dismal winter.  Spring break on the other hand, gives you that taste of summer you’re dying for.  In the fall, our clothes are bulky, we stuff our faces, and most of us are pale.  Spring break means sunshine, loud music, and beach trips.  And hello, spring and summer fashion! Who can say no to that?  After talking to several college girls, they agreed: any time off in college is beautiful, but that week in March holds a special place in our hearts.  Here’s why.  


“Every spring break, my softball team travels down to Myrtle Beach for spring training.  We play 8 games against other college teams, but also go to Broadway at the beach and bond as a team.”

– Sarah, Rhode Island College


“Thanksgiving break is mostly about seeing your family… a lot… but spring break is all about your friends.”

– Allie, University of Connecticut


“When you go back to school from spring break, you actually fit in your jeans.”

– Maddie, Southern Connecticut State University


“Spring break is better because at this time I felt very ready to have a mental break down and now I get to go home to my parents.”

– Jocelyn, University of Connecticut


“It’s not weird to come back from spring break tan.”

– Abby, Fairfield University


“It’s warmer at my school than at home, so I’m able to stay here and go to the beach every day.” 

– Bree, Wingate University


“The break is much more deserved!”

– Sarah, University of Connecticut

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