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After watching the new 2021 film Spencer starring Kristen Stewart, I was amazed. The film depicts the life of Princess Diana from the moments before her divorce in 1996. Though I didn’t know much about the story of Diana’s divorce and tragic death before watching the film, Kristen Stewart does an impressive job at portraying Diana’s anxiety and mysterious demeanor throughout it all. After seeing her star in other films, I already knew that this one was going to be a masterpiece. I think Kristen has such a jaw-dropping way of getting into her character for her films. I went and researched a little bit more about Diana’s life once the film had ended because of how drawn I was to her character.

In other films of hers like Snow White and the Huntsman, Underwater, Speak, and Equals, Kristen’s acting is Oscar-worthy in my opinion. She has such a way of transforming into her character and leaving Kristen behind for a little while when she acts. What really stands out to me about Kristen’s work on set is how different her characters are yet how capable she is of portraying different, multidimensional personalities. 

In Spencer, Kristen is a natural at communicating to the viewer the unease that Diana experiences as rumors spread about the difficulties in her marriage. The movie is mind-bending and made me feel like I was going crazy, in a way, along with her. Though the film consists of a lot of calm scenery and slow, suspenseful moments that sneak up on you, director Pablo Larraín is beyond talented at creating eerie period pieces. 

I definitely recommend viewing the film if you are a fan of mystery and movies that make you question a few realities, not to mention Kristen’s spectacular British accent. Not only was I blown away once again by Kristen’s acting, but I was also deeply engrossed in the film.

Clara is an undergraduate student at the University of Connecticut, Storrs, who is actively pursuing a degree in Communications. Clara has also worked as a designer for her school newspaper "The Daily Campus" and runs a fashion and lifestyle blog called "Why Not?". In her free time, Clara enjoys meditation, music, podcasts, sushi, and trying new things. Her dream is to work for a brand she is truly passionate about.
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