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Seniors Set Goals for Their Last Year of College

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

Here we are, seniors again. Our last chance to leave a legacy on campus and our last couple chances to enjoy “syllabus week.” We all remember what it was like to be seniors in high school, getting ready to graduate and start college… except now, we’re getting ready to enter the real world, and to “adult.” 

We don’t have to talk about that just yet, but senior year is your last time to do all the things you’ve loved, to try the things you haven’t yet and to cross off everything on your college bucket list. It’s a year full of a lot of different emotions, but there is one way to motivate yourself to accomplish everything you want to get done: goal-setting.

I reached out to some fellow college students from around the nation to find out what goals they’ve set for their last year. Here’s what I found:

“Stay motivated on my schoolwork so my GPA doesn’t drop.” – Jacksonville State University


“Go to all the events I was too shy or scared to go to every other year.” – University of Central Florida


“Make time to do all of the fun things I didn’t do because I was too busy with my homework and other commitments.” – University of Connecticut

“Participate in class more.” – Wilfrid Laurier University


“Take on leadership roles.” – University of Central Florida


“Apply for grad school!” – Cal Poly SLO


“Pass my special education practicum and student teaching.” – Eastern Connecticut State University


“Make an effort to get to know my professors a little better, get more involved overall.” – University of Tampa


“Actually stay caught up on all of my readings this year.” – University of Connecticut


“Take a breath and just enjoy your last year of college. Classes are important and so are making memories. Live with no regrets.” – SUNY Oswego


“Explore the city more.” – Pace University, NYC


“Become a morning person.” – University of Central Florida

“Take an elective you’ve always wondered about.” – University of Central Florida


“Try to finish my school’s bucket list.” – University of Connecticut


“Enjoy my freedom while it lasts.” – Central Connecticut State University


Enjoy your freedom indeed, collegiates, and may you accomplish everything you’re hoping to this year.

Amanda is a senior Journalism and Communication double-major with a minor in English. Aside from writing, she loves reading, spending time with family and friends, and making videos. If you can’t find her, she’s probably at the beach. Someday, she hopes to be a director and writer for TV/Film and spend all of her free time traveling. But for now, you can read her articles on Her Campus UConn.