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Sean Cook ’13

Meet Sean Cook, captain of the swim team and this week’s Campus Cutie!

Name: Sean Cook
Year: Senior
Major: Marketing and Music
Hometown: Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Activities: Captain of the Swim Team
Favorite Class at UConn: FYE. I peaked early.
Dream Job: Professional Musician
Dream Date: I really want to go skinny-dipping in Mirror Lake, any takers?
Dream Girlfriend/Boyfriend: Blake Lively
Favorite Pick up Line: “You wanna come watch my koala bear do back flips?” It works every time.
Turn-ons: Sense of adventure, confidence, and good musical taste.
Turn-offs: Girls that don’t like Harry Potter and girls that can beat me in arm wrestling.
Good Traits: Fun, honest, and down to get weird.
Bad Traits: I take forever to respond to texts.


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