Roommate Horror Stories

We all like to complain when our roommate is a getting on our nerves. Maybe they listen to loud music while you are trying to study, maybe they wake you up at four in the morning smacking loudly on some crunchy chips, or maybe their side of the room is so messy that it is essentially starting to throw up on your side. Whatever it is that has your roommate getting under your skin, put it aside and go give your roomie a big grateful hug. Real horror roommates do exist, and you have officially lucked out if you are not rooming with a psycho. Some girls did not get so lucky. Here are their unfortunate stories of ultimate roommate terror.



When your psycho roommate wants new décor…

Emily Finkenstead thought her roommate “Stephanie” was normal when they first met. They hung out and got along, but a few things started to slowly go downhill with their perfect roomie situation. Emily came in to the room one day to find condoms plastered on Stephanie’s side of the wall. What looked like a funny joke soon became a concern. Stephanie was not joking, she was decorating her side of the room. Not even with a respectable condom brand. Nope. Stephanie was stealing the condoms left out by the RA’s and would not even leave one for other students to use for correct purposes. When Emily asked about the condoms, Stephanie got defensive and said she did not comment on Emily’s décor choices. We are all for freedom of expression. But really? Hear about the full story HERE.


When your roommate has 15 people trying to break into your house….

Imagine sleeping soundly at night in a townhouse basement when a loud disruptive noise scares you awake. Imagine that loud noise is 15 people yelling and trying to break into your house. That is what happened to Glamazontay. Glamazontay’s roommate “Jessica” seemed to have made very good enemies, because they all showed up in the middle of the night wanting to fight her. Fortunately for her, she had a good hunch that people would be looking for her that night, so she was no where to be found. But Glamazontay and one other roommate were inside the rented townhouse with no way of escaping the mob. Once the mob attempted to start kicking the door in and ignored the pleas from the window that “That bitch Jessica is not here!”, Glamazontay had to finally call the police to stop the wild night rage. Moral of the story, if your future roommate is “popular”, make sure it is in a good way. You don’t want “friends” like Jessica’s showing up ready to light a fire to your home. Check out the full story HERE.


When your roommate is a scam artist…

Loeyanne thought her roommate "Whitney" was amazing. Whitney always had the cutest Vera Bradley purses, and offered to even get Loeyanne one for a great deal. Loeyanne was more than excited that her wonderful stylish roommate was going to hook her up. One weekend, Whitney finally came back with the goods. A gorgeous lime green Vera Bradley purse, and for only twenty dollars! Loeyanne gave her the money and went about her week. Later on, a mutual friend came over to have their regular coffee date, but the mutual friend saw the lime green purse laying on the kitchen counter and froze. Loeyanne pressed her for why she suddenly looked so pale. The mutual friend finally let her feelings out: she was certain that exact lime green purse was just stolen from another friend’s house. Some other items also were missing, such as a cross necklace. Loeyanne did not believe her amazing stylish roommate was a house thief, she just could not wrap her head around the idea. Later that day her and Whitney had dinner plans. Loeyanne pushed away the weird feelings she had earlier and chalked it up to just being a coincidence, so she was excited to hang out with Whitney. That excitement dropped in an instant when Whitney walked through the door. On Whitney’s neck was a never before seen cross necklace. Loeyanne’s heart dropped at the sight. Whitney was not only a thief come to find, but she had also scammed Loeyanne and sold her stolen goods. Hear Loeyanne’s full shocking story HERE.

When your roommate invades your privacy…


Brenna Berg was actually friends with her roommate before moving in. She thought she had the perfect roomie situation by rooming with her friend from high school, but it turned out to be too close for comfort. Brenna’s roommate, Trish, was mad at her one week. Brenna had no clue why Trish was so upset, since she did not do anything. A week later the situation still hadn’t fused out, so she went to a mutual guy friend for some insight. The mutual friend had one question for her, “Do you have a diary”. Yes, Brenna thought. Brenna in fact had a comprehensive full 5-year diary. The mutual friend winced. “That’s why” he shuttered. Brenna realized that it was only the week prior that Trish had left for a few days. Brenna loved being alone, so in her diary she wrote how she wished Trish did not have to come back. Trish had read this diary entry and was now snubbing her for it. Can you imagine how long Trish was reading Brenna’s diary for? Talk about creepy. And then she had the nerve to be mad at Brenna for it. Talk about a crazy friend you do not want to live with. Watch Brenna’s full cringe situation HERE.

When your roommate has an evil twin….

Natalie’s story is sure to make anyone want to pay extra for a single room next semester. Natalie was placed randomly with a girl named Jackie. The first warning sign of the horrible roommate situation appeared on the very first night of dorming together. Jackie got ready to go out, and then right before leaving she threw her phone to Natalie and asked her if she could take care of any texts her mom would send her that night. Natalie of course refused, as she did not even know this girl never mind have the time to text her damn mother for her. But this was not the worse thing that Jackie would start doing. Soon enough Natalie noticed her stuff was going missing at alarming rates, even including her bras and underwear. Natalie did not want to jump to conclusions, but the day she saw Jackie parading across campus in her shirt she knew that the worst was true. Natalie also knew Jackie had a twin named Jill, so she wanted to see if Jill’s roommate was having a similar problem. Natalie and Jill’s roommate met up and realized they both were having stuff stolen from them. But where were the stolen goods? They decided to take a look through each other’s rooms and were shocked at what they found. The mount of Natalie’s stolen goods was hoarded away in Jill’s room, and vice versa. These two evil twins were systematically working together and stealing from their trusting roommates. Check out the full story HERE.


Still think your roommate is bad?