RIP Vine...

In sad, recent news, everyone’s favorite way to waste time, Vine, became no more.

With many of their biggest stars moving to Snapchat and YouTube and the parent company of Vine, Twitter, now offering many of the same functions as Vine, unfortunately the six-second video app had to go.

In memoriam of Vine, the women of Her Campus UConn and I have compiled our absolute favorite Vines to give the app a proper send off, and to give you a good laugh.


We’d like to start with a wholesome classic: the man in the green balloon ball who is definitely living his best life. Thanks to our CC Nikki and VP Erica for sharing this one with us! 


Another adorable classic? “Fresh Avocado!”, courtesy of HC writer Kimmie: 


Is your day off to a grumpy start than even coffee can’t fix? Watch this Vine a few times and you’ll be happy in no time. Thanks to our CC Nikki for sharing this one!


Please text your mom a link to this video right now! You’re guaranteed a laugh and probably a “too true!” as well.  Thanks to HC Writer Jeannie for this great vine!


Real talk, I AM this dad, there will be no cake left behind. 


  The Epcot Ball is PRETTY hot tbh… 



This guy just loves penguins, and honestly, that’s enough for us. Thanks to HC Writer Alissa for sending this our way! 


This one makes me laugh EVERY TIME. P.S. The mismatch sock police have been looking for me since birth. #OnTheRun 


We all had that moment in middle school when you were DEVASTATED when your crush, your soulmate, the love of your life signed your yearbook “H.A.G.S”, now imagine that scenario, but add a patriotic twist. Shoutout again to HC Writer Alissa for finding this gem!


Same dude, same. Thanks to HC Writer Samantha for finding this Vine that perfectly captures how we all act at parties sometimes (or if you're me, all the time). 


Back at it again with the cute dog Vines! This is one of our faves, cough up that meatball little buddy! You can do it! Thanks to HC Writer Maddie for sending this hilarious vine our way.


One of my favorite Viners has always been Jus Reign.  He is hilarious, kind-hearted, and his Vines never fail to make me laugh, especially this one.


I came to win, to fight (*flies to its fiery, imminent death*). We all saw it coming… 


This guy and his snake are the ultimate dream team, someday, I could only hope to share a love so pure… Thanks again to our CC Nikki for this one! 


And finally, I had to end this tribute with one of my favorite vines of all time, for which I have a never ending love: 


I hope that you enjoyed this list of some of our favorite Vines to get you through these hard times, we'll always have the six-second memories! 



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