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Revamping The Office with New Podcast

Hearing that there was a podcast coming out on October 16th about the hit TV show The Office gave me mixed feelings. While this has been one of my favorite shows for a while now (I’ve probably rewatched it over five times on Netflix) I was worried that the podcast could be overdoing it. Dragging something on that would’ve been considered great, like when they added sequels to Shrek and Cinderella, but I gave it a shot. 

The podcast features two of the main ladies in The Office Jenna Fischer, in the show known as Pam Beesley and Angela Kinsey in the show known as Angela Martin. These real-life best friends are closer than ever now with this podcast, even after seasons of bantering at each other on set as their characters. Jenna and Angela live close to each other at home and have done a lot together and apart since the show finished airing in 2013.\

Throughout this podcast, Jenna and Angela recap every episode starting from the first one, “Pilot.” Each of them has their own segments that they do during the show such as Jenna’s “Flash Facts” and Angela’s “Notecards” where they talk about different facts and knowledge about the show and certain episodes. This quirky and goofy podcast brought me right back to watching The Office for the first time but with the actress’s perspective mixed in. Even in the first episode, you learn so much about the actors behind-the-scenes, different set secrets, what it was like working alongside Steve Carrell, and so much more.


Along with learning about the inside scoop one of the best shows to ever air, they also talk about their lives as struggling actresses before the show and the struggles behind filming the first season. Angela and Jenna dig at each other throughout the podcast, stirring the pot whenever they can. 

This podcast is going to make you want to rewatch each episode with a new mindset and feel like you know all the secrets to the show. To me, this is the closest feeling to getting to rewatch The Office for the first time again. Angela and Jenna take questions from fans about the show and answer them during the podcast, so lookout for a tweet from me to them shortly! Personally, I can’t wait for them to talk about Kevin Malone spilling his famous pot of chili and recapping the romantic moments between Jim and Pam (and if there was ever any real spark between John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer… ) I will definitely be tuning in every week for Office Ladies and you should too. 







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