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Reasons we love the app Houseparty

The new app Houseparty has emerged as one of mine and my friends’ most used social media platforms over the past month. Houseparty is a group video chatting app for up to eight users at a time.

The Basics:

You can add your friends on Houseparty through your contacts or through suggestions by the app based on your current friends. When one of your friends enters the house, you receive a notification. The notification will read, “(Friend’s name) is in the house.” Though, you can turn off notifications if you do not want to receive them.

Once the app is opened, you can see which of your friends are in the house and if they are currently in a room with any others. Once in the house, you can join any room that your friends are in, unless the room has been ‘locked’ by one of the users in that room.

If you want to talk to one of your friends and they are not currently in the house, you can virtually ‘wave’ at them on the app and it will send them a notification telling them you want to talk.

Here are some of the reasons we love Houseparty and you and your friends will too:

  • It brings groups of people together immediately. Unlike other social media platforms, you are immediately connected to your friends and you know when they are on the app. 
  • See groups of your friends face-to-face and talk to them when you are not physically together.
  • It provides a virtual platform to hang out with your friends. You can use it for a specific purpose or just to see each other for social interaction.
  • It bridges the communication gap created by text messages. Text messages can be difficult to understand the exact intention of the person who wrote the message. Many times text messages can be misconstrued because you are unable to see the other persons nonverbal cues, such as expressions and tone of voice.
  • It’s something social to do using technology when you are bored or lonely. Go in the house! Because your friends will get notifications and many times they will join you. It is a way to always feel connected to your friends, even when you are not together


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Taylor is a senior at UConn majoring in Communications and Journalism, dreaming of living and working in New York City. She is passionate about Fashion, Health, and Sports. In her free time, she loves to travel and spend time with family and friends. She is a Starbucks addict and lover of all things dessert. 
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