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Ranking the Next Generation Kardashian Baby Names

As the age old saying goes…if you give a Kardashian a baby…they’ll surely need a bizarre baby name to go with it. In honor of Khloe’s new arrival, baby True Thompson, we’ve decided to rank the Kardashian’s youngest generation by the craziest baby name! 

1. Mason

The oldest child of Kourtney and Scott and the founding member of Kardashian generation 2.0, Mason gets the top spot thanks to his normal, pretty popular baby name. I’m sure he must know at least 20 other Masons, and he’ll never have any problems with his name as an adult. 

2. Penelope

The second child of Kourtney and Scott gets the second highest spot on the list. Penelope’s super cute name is a natural match for her super cute personality!

3. North

Ready for the haters on this one, but I don’t even care, North is a super fun, super cute name, and Kim and Kanye’s little lady has more than enough personality so It’s a perfect fit. Also Anna Wintour reportedly thought the name was a “genius idea” and are we really one to argue with the Queen of Vogue? 

4. Chicago

Perhaps not my personal favorite on this list, but Chicago gets a pretty nice spot once you realize that Kim and Kanye chose the name as a way to pay tribute to Kanye’s late mother. 

5. Reign 

Only a man who calls himself Lord Disick would have a child named Reign…Kourt what were you thinking?? 

6. Saint

Ranking under Reign and rightfully so, I guess we really shouldn’t be shocked that a man who called himself Yeezus has a son with the name Saint. 

7. True

I’m honestly not sure if this baby name is Khloe’s way of taking a dig at her cheating boyfriend/baby daddy Tristan Thompson or not….

8. Dream

A Dream is something you have once you’ve fallen asleep at night, not something you name your kid!

9. Stormi

Kylie, you’ve given lip kits better names than the one you gave your daughter. This poor kid has the same name as the porn star with whom Donald Trump cheated on his wife. Talk about a bad brand name…we’re sure Momager Kris Jenner doesn’t approve.

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