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“Rachel Says”: The Top 10 Collegiette Fall Necessities

Well girls, it is officially October, which means it is probably time to put away your flip-flops and get ready to layer. As much as I love fashion, I try to keep in mind “simplicity” when I get dressed for my weekdays. There are a handful of things I have found over my first 3 years of college that have become my “must-have” wardrobe necessities. Always keep two things in mind while shopping: only buy things you absolutely love and things you know you will get a lot of use out of.

1. Riding Boots

Boots are always easy and go with just about everything! Having at least two pairs in your closet will give you a little more option when it comes to getting dressed. I advise having a black pair and a brown pair. There are hundreds of quality boots to choose from, all at a very affordable price! [pagebreak]

 2. Animal Print Flat

Animal print is really popular this season, and adding a pop of texture and pattern to a neutral fall outfit is a fashion do! Flats are simple, affordable, and one of the most versatile shoes, so they are definitely a must have! Buy a second pair in a bright color like pink or royal blue. [pagebreak]

3. Rain Boots and Winter Boots

Style is important, but so is comfort and no one likes to have cold, wet feet when they’re walking around campus. I know the crazy patterned rain boots are fun, but choose a boot that is more neutral; a black rain boot, animal print boot, or other solid color will go best with anything you choose to wear. Also, opt for the taller rain or winter boot that covers your lower leg, and avoid the mid-calf boot. If you want to avoid spending money on two separate pairs of boots, buy the rain boot socks so that you can wear your rain boots in the snow, while still keeping your feet warm.  [pagebreak]

4. Trench Coat

Every girl has to have this lightweight jacket in her closet. These jackets are great for everyday wear and when you decide to dress up. They are also very flattering on every body shape; the belt cinched around the waist makes you appear taller and thinner, and keeps you warmer of course. Choose a neutral black, tan, or navy blue coat, or if you dress pretty neutral, add some color to your wardrobe with this one bright piece. [pagebreak]

5. Scarves

Warm, heavy scarves and lightweight, fashion scarves are a simple accessory every collegiette needs. Even if you are wearing a boring UConn sweatshirt or tee, throwing on a scarf spices things up just a little. TJ Maxx is one of my favorite places to get the cutest patterned scarves that are always $15 or less, and the heavy, knit scarves keep you ten times warmer during the winter months. [pagebreak]

6. Hats, Knitted Ear Bands and Gloves

Connecticut is not the warmest place, so walking to class always becomes something we dread. I often feel a little boyish in hats, so the head band is a great “girly” way to go. Gloves are another “winter must” to go with our hats and scarves. I would avoid the mitten at all costs, since it is hard to do anything with those on, and choose a glove instead. Colorful or patterned winter accessories will add some fun to the winter months. Gloves that match the rest of your winter wear are preferable ladies; don’t mix and match different patterns. Matching hat and gloves sets are easy to find in the store. Fingerless gloves are also popular and cute for fall when worn with a trench coat, knit sweater, or long sleeve basic tee. [pagebreak]

7. Reusable Cups and Mugs

Hot chocolate, coffee, and tea, are all things we collegiettes are constantly drinking throughout the day. Avoid spending money at Starbucks or Bookworms on a daily basis, and make your own hot beverage. Reusable cups and mugs have become an everyday accessory, and will save you tons of money! I recently got two animal print cups from TJ Maxx for $2 apiece.[pagebreak]

8. Large Tote Bag

A large tote bag is another college must. These are the years where shopping money is limited, so key items that we know we will get a lot of use out of are important. A neutral tote bag will go with everything, but a printed bag or a brightly colored tote adds a pop of color to your ensemble. For example, I generally wear a black jacket, brown boots, and white winter accessories, so a bright orange or blue tote would go great with my outfit. If you’re looking for an everyday bag, I suggest black, brown, or nude so that it goes with virtually everything you wear. Avoid bright or neon colors; I promise you won’t get a ton of use out of them. [pagebreak]

9. Vest

A puffy vest is a trend that will never die. They are perfect for the fall with your riding boots, a scarf, hat, and your fingerless knitted gloves. Faux fur vests are very popular for the fall, however they can be pricey, so stick to a black or cream puffy vest with a faux fur-lined hood or interior. [pagebreak]

10. Cute Tennis Sneaker

Lastly, every college girl must have a pair of cute tennis sneakers. Save your Nikes for running at the gym. I believe that comfort can always be stylish. Plain or patterned Keds or designer sneakers make for a casual and up-to-date look.  [pagebreak]

Rachel is a Senior at the University of Connecticut, studying Communications. Her dream and goal is to move to New York City and work in the Fashion Industry. Her one love next to fashion and styling is her horse, Jesse. Follow her on twitter @fashion1oh1 for fashion do's and dont's. Pinterest http://pinterest.com/rachgovoni/
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