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Rachel Says: The Do’s & Don’ts of Weekend Party Wear

Once you’ve finally made your weekend plans, it’s time for the hard part: picking out an outfit! The weekend is what we most look forward to; it’s a chance for us to swap out our leggings and Pink hoodies for a sparkly top and fabulous wedges. Dressing for the occasion is always important, but there are just some things that are not meant for the UConn bar or house party.

Remember, simple is always better when you are grabbing a drink at Teds or off to a house party. Skinny jeans, a fun, flashy top, and some wedges or flats is about as fabulous as you can get for Teds or the SAE house. You don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard, and walking to Carriage in heels… always a decision that is regretted. Throw on a cute pair of flats for your trek down the rape trail and your skinniest skinny jeans! Keep your outfit basic but add a little flash with big jewelry, a shiny top, or patterned flats. But only choose one thing to spice up your basic look. Grab a light coat or leather jacket for the chilly months, but warning: DO not take it off. For some reason, girls like to take what is not theirs, especially if it’s a fabulous piece of clothing. You will fit in much better in either setting if you remember to keep it cute and casual.

If you’re in the mood to dance, Saturday is always ladies’ night at Thirsty’s. The atmosphere is a lot more exciting here so skirts and dresses are more accepted than at a dirty house or apartment. But keep in mind girls, we want to look classy, not sloppy, and though I encourage a little scandal, there is a fine line between too tight and just right! If you’re not confident in skirts, I’m also a fan of high-waisted shorts. They’re easy to dress up with heels and a silk tank top.

Remember girls, the weekends are our chance to dress up without being criticized for wearing head to toe designer to our Monday 9 am class. If you dress for the place, you will fit it, have fun, and avoid being “that girl” that everyone judges. It’s only college, so save your fabulous, (expensive) pieces for a night at the casino or a birthday celebration! No matter where you choose to go, or what you choose to wear, just make sure you’re comfortable and feel great in whatever you choose. Confidence will get you anywhere!

Rachel’s note:

What you’ll need to accessorize your basic look:
-small, neutral colored clutch or wristlet (with the necessities)
-sparkly or oversized stud earrings
-large chunky necklace or bracelets
-lip gloss


Rachel is a Senior at the University of Connecticut, studying Communications. Her dream and goal is to move to New York City and work in the Fashion Industry. Her one love next to fashion and styling is her horse, Jesse. Follow her on twitter @fashion1oh1 for fashion do's and dont's. Pinterest http://pinterest.com/rachgovoni/
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