"A Quiet Place" is Your Next Must-See Film

John Krasinki’s third directorial venture, A Quiet Place, is a horror movie like no other. Set in a rural town post alien invasion, the remaining survivors are unable to speak as the aliens have heightened hearing and will attack upon sensing noise. John Krasinski, in addition to directing and co-writing the film, stars as Lee Abbott, alongside real life wife Emily Blunt as Evelyn Abbott, who, might I add, is very pregnant. So let's just add having to give birth into the high-stakes "being quiet" situation-yikes. Lee, Evelyn and their children survive by utilizing sign language, flashing different colored lights or lighting fires and spending their days in the cellar of their farmhouse. But even the best methods are no match for the aliens, and you are guaranteed to be on the edge of your seat throughout this film as you watch this family attempt to out-smart the aliens and fight for their lives.

Krasinki has repeatedly said in interviews  that the major theme of this film is the family unit, and is basically his love letter to his real life children, whom he would do anything for (*swoon*).

This movie is great too for its casting of a deaf actress. In the movie Krasinski’s daughter, Regan, is deaf, and is played by deaf actress Millie Simmonds. Krasinski said in an interview that having a deaf actress was non-negotiable, as he wanted to be able to include sign language and wanted the film to stay authentic. This is excellent representation for the deaf community, and the inclusion of sign language, in my opinion, makes for a better film, considering the whole premise is that the characters need to limit their verbal communication.

Overall, I was absolutely terrified the entire time, but that is what you want from a horror movie, right? This movie should be without a doubt seen in the theaters - the complete silence builds the suspense and is the cause for so much of the shock value that you might not get when sitting in your dorm room when music is blasting down the hall and people yelling outside your window. Be prepared to nervous giggle, cry, and be terrified- A Quiet Place is a frightening but enjoyable ride.