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Q & A with Our New Campus Correspondent

Meet Sarah Levine

Campus Correspondent, Her Campus UConn  

What are you most looking forward to as CC?

SL: I have been involved with Her Campus since my sophomore year, first as a member, then as content director and now I am honored to be the new CC! Her Campus is such a great organization and it has been amazing being a part of a club that seems to improve every semester.  As CC, I am most looking forward to getting to know all of the chapter members more and helping everyone to keep creating great content. 

What will your role be?

SL: As the CC, I will act as the president of our chapter and oversee all of the aspects of the club.  Myself and all of the E-board members will come up with ideas for our chapter, which I will go over and help to implement.  I will also act as the editor, overviewing all the content that is submitted and publishing it to our chapter page. 

What other organizations are you involved with on campus?

SL: On campus, I am the Awareness and Recruitment chair for Autism Speaks U which I love being a part of. I work for Husky Sport which is a nonprofit organization that runs physical education and nutrition programs for children in the north end of Hartford.  I am also in the Honors Program so I do a lot of work with them and help out at various events.  

How do you balance school work, clubs and save a little room for a social life?

SL: Balancing it all is very hard but I wouldn’t want to change anything that I am involved in.  Being a part of other organizations on campus adds a lot of work in addition to my classes, but I learn just as much from that involvement as I do from my professors! My favorite tip is “If it takes less than five minutes, do it now” which helps me get little things done like cleaning or answering emails so they don’t build up and I can focus on more important things. Getting this stuff done quickly gives me leftover time to hang out with my friends (or Netflix) when my brain needs a break. 

What makes Her Campus different than other organizations?

SL: Her Campus is different than some organizations because it is run by a national organization, so it is not just exclusive to UConn. We get to receive guidance from real-world writers from the national organization, which is pretty cool!  This also helps us hold ourselves to a high standard and always produce the best content.  Beyond that, Her Campus allows many different kinds of voices to speak to our campus and beyond.  Since we are here on campus, we can determine what UConn collegiettes want to read about and produce great content. 

What is your favorite quote or words to live by?

SL: I have sooo many quotes that I love, but one of my favorites is “Don’t count the days, make the days count.” I saw it on Twitter one day and saved it to my phone ever since.  I feel like, especially in college, we’re constantly waiting for the next weekend or for the semester to be over, but we’re at such an amazing point in our lives that we shouldn’t be wishing the days away.

Erin is a journalism and communications student at the University of Connecticut who loves to learn about all aspects of magazine journalism and believes magazines are the perfect form of free expression. Erin is normally found holding a copy of Vogue, Seventeen or Elle and is constantly following the latest trends from Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. She always sets aside time in her day to have a good laugh, which usually includes reruns of Friends and Boy Meets World.
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