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Proof Nicole Richie Can Work ANY Hair Color

I am a firm believer in three things: you can’t eat pasta without grated parm cheese, hugs, and that as the leaves change color, so should your hair. What better way to embrace the changing seasons than a new ‘do, and who better to give us some much needed hair inspo than the daring, always beautiful, Nicole Richie? 

She rocks a subtle ombré like no other.

Green with envy over this look.

YUP. A blue bob. I want.

Hot pink has never looked so badass.

White and whimsical. Just imagine how good this could look with a flannel and infinity scarf.

Brb, RUNNING to my hairdresser.

A classic brunette bob has never looked so chic.

Blunt, asymmetical, silvery-blonde, OBSESSED.

Prediction: “Midnight Blue” is going to be the hair color this winter.


See you guys at the salon!



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