Phil Brazalovich '15


The Basics:

Name: Phil Brazalovich

Class Year: 2015

Hometown: South Windsor, CT

Major: Athletic Training

Dream Job: Working as the head Athletic Trainer for a Division I or professional sports team

Personal Favorites

Extracurricular Activities: Playing guitar, hockey, taking a good nap

Favorite Color: Blue 

Favorite Movie: Gattaca

Favorite Song: Out Loud by Dispatch

Favorite Food: Anything that can be served for breakfast

Pet Peeve: When people just can't find the power to hold open the door

Something on Your Bucket List: To go to space!


Relationship Status: In a relationship

Most Attractive Traits in a Girl: Having a good sense of humor and an appreciation for bad puns

Turn-offs in a Girl: Constantly putting down others around them, smoking cigarettes

Celebrity Crush: Zooey Deschanel (but can't leave out my boy Justin Timberlake)

Perfect Date: A bonfire on the beach