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Our Most Memorable Compliments Received in 2017

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

A year containing fake news, the break-up of Christ Pratt and Anna Faris, and the shutdown of Vine- 2017 sure did know how to kick you when you were down. With the New Year just around the corner, there is no better time for reflection, and I cannot help but think that maybe this year brought some good after all. So before I allowed myself to get upset about the fact that 2017 is still happening and Post Malone’s new album is still no were to be found, I asked some friends to tell me what the best compliment they received in 2017 was. I was amazed at how eager they jumped at the opportunity to spread positivity, in a year where it seemed the only positive contribution was fidget spinners. So with a very happy heart, I present to you, their answers:


“So the compliment I received was actually [today] from a professor I really admire. I’m doing an independent study with him that is very intensive, and today we went over my final deliverable. He told me I was the type of student who had ‘a ferocious desire to figure things out on my own.’ This meant the world to me coming from someone I admire so much, and especially after I had completed a very difficult assignment for him and he loved it. It meant the world to hear a huge mentor of mine acknowledge my drive and motivation to learn. It’s not a traditional compliment but it seriously was so awesome I wont ever forget it.” –Lily Zappulla

“My favorite compliment I got this year was actually something someone told me [yesterday]. They said that they ‘love the way I think about things,’ and I really appreciated that because it was a really genuine thing to say that I don’t hear very often.” -Jackie Nappo

“The compliment I received was ‘I really love that you actually care about other people and listen to them.’ This warmed my heart because I have always been kind and caring to everyone, but it’s sometimes nice to get recognized for it.”- Allie Anagnostopoulos

“’You are such a bright, capable young woman with extraordinary potential.’” –Turner Bouley

“My film professor told me at Cinefest that he thought I had the best cinematography of the night which was nice because getting praise for your hard work from the people that you admire and respect is always nice.” –Lisa Angell

“I was told I’m a good listener, and it made me feel really good knowing someone trusted me enough to open up to me.” –Alexa Vocalina

“I was told that I am nice, and it made me feel good because my parents raised me to treat everyone with kindness, and living on my own I really wanted to take what they taught me and use it in my adult life.”-Marinda Gilbert

“At the end of my job this summer, one of my superiors told me that if I ran for congress he would vote for me. It made me feel really good and confident in myself, and reassured me in my leadership skills.”-Meredith Knight-Vezina

“’You’re more helpful than you realize.’ It was a good feeling, hearing this, because it felt like my actions and attitude don’t go unnoticed, and that people appreciate the little things.”-Tori Martel

“’You are a powerhouse.’”-Aziz Sandhu

Keep spreading the love collegiettes, this year and all the years to come!

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