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Olivia Rodrigo Spilled Her GUTS In Boston & It Was Amazing

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You may remember Olivia Rodrigo from her hit song “Driver’s License” but now the breakthrough Disney channel star is selling out arenas and captivating audiences young and old. This past Monday I had the amazing experience of going to her “GUTS tour” show at TD Garden in Boston. Rodrigo’s GUTS world tour is composed of 77 stops across North America and Europe. Getting tickets to the show was no easy fate but I am so glad I was able to see one of my favorite artists live. 

Rodrigo’s concert had a really funny crowd. There was a huge divide between her much younger ten-year-old fans belting their hearts out about a heartbreak I don’t think they’ve ever experienced and older fans like myself. It was a super fun environment and Rodrigo was much less PG than I expected her to be. I attended the concert with my boyfriend who is a huge fan of Ms. Olivia. He belted his heart out even though the male representation at the concert was mostly dads accompanying their daughters. 

If you’re also going to the GUTS tour near you and wondering what to wear, I’ve got you. As expected, there was lots of purple, glitter, and butterflies. Most of the older crowd was wearing some sort of corset mini-skirt boot going out outfit combo. Everyone looked so good and lots of people had small details of purple in their outfits. I went for my own all-black corset mini-skirt combo and felt confident and comfortable all night. My favorite outfits were the people who planned to copy one of her tour costumes. Her wardrobe for the concert was super cute so if you have time to plan it, this could be a really solid option too! My whole section was standing the whole concert so I would recommend wearing comfortable shoes. 

The part that impressed me the most about Rodrigo’s performance was her singing voice. In the past when she began performing, Rodrigo was critiqued for her live singing ability — most notably during an SNL performance. Singing live she truly sounded the same if not better than I expected. Whether during her edgier songs such as “Get Him Back” or her more somber songs such as “Making the Bed” Rodrigo blew me away with her vocal abilities. My favorite song she included on the setlist was her new song “Obsessed” from her new album GUTS (spilled) which I’ve seen all over TikTok. 

I regret not getting tickets to the second night of the Boston tour and can’t wait for her to announce her next album and tour. Whether you have tickets already or if you get the chance to get tickets for the GUTS tour near you I hope you’re ready for a night of singing your heart out, dancing, and lots of fun.

Kara is a second-year at the University of Connecticut majoring in Physiology and Neurobiology with a minor in Sociology. her hometown is Wells, Maine, and she loves going out to eat with friends, crocheting, and writing articles for her campus!