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The “No Workout, Workout”

Busy schedule? Join the club. But don’t let your nonstop agenda of meetings, classes, studying and events keep you from being as fit and healthy as you can be. For those of you who cannot even put aside twenty to thirty minutes a day for exercising here are some ways to get in a workout without actually going to workout.

1. Always take the stairs. Even if you live on the top floor of your building- whether it is four stories or fifteen stories tall, take the stairs.

2. The second your feet hit the floor in the morning as you’re dragging yourself out of bed hop down into a plank position. Challenge yourself every morning to beat how long you can hold it for.

3. While standing in line at the food court do some heel raises. Your calves will thank you.

4. Do wall sits or squats while you brush your teeth. On average you should brush your teeth for about two minutes, twice a day, which means you’re looking at four full minutes a day strictly to glute and thigh toning.

5. Plan ahead to walk to classes! Waking up twenty minutes earlier to walk to your physics class instead of taking the bus won’t kill you, I promise.

6. Got a purse, water bottle, textbook or anything with a little weight value at hand? Use it to do some arm curl-ups whether you are sitting at your desk, walking to class or back waiting in that food court line.

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