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Nichole Aquino: Director of JonaTHONs

Meet Nichole Aquino

Age: 21
Year: “…senior (I don’t wanna talk about it)”
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hobbies: “This is actually a tough one! I’ve spent the last seven semesters so involved and having a completely packed schedule that I haven’t had much time to pick up any hobbies. Now that I have some more free time I enjoy cooking, learning to play the ukulele, and making up for the last three years by watching Netflix for about 5 hours a day (give or take).”
How did you first get involved in HuskyTHON? “I registered as a dancer freshman year with my sorority for HuskyTHON 2012 and absolutely fell in love with the event. I remember seeing the management team on stage and knowing that by my senior year, that’s where I wanted to be. I reached that goal earlier than expected when, as a sophomore, I became the Director of Donation Management for HuskyTHON 2013! I’ve been part of the management team ever since.”
What is JonaTHONs and how did you become Director? “After spending two years dealing with the financial side of HuskyTHON, I wanted a change of scene. I was actually given the title of Director of Educational Engagement, which was a fairly new position responsible for assisting schools in hosting mini marathons. I knew that I wanted to bring something new and exciting to HuskyTHON, and used my position to create the JonaTHONs program as a way to brand our efforts and to expand our scope to include all schools which raise funds or awareness for HuskyTHON and Connecticut Children’s, whether they host a mini marathon or some other type of event. We thought it only made sense to change the name of the position to match! You can read more about the program here –> http://huskython.uconn.edu/JonaTHONS/!”
What does the job entail? “My job is to oversee the JonaTHONs and to give planning and fundraising advice to the schools that are a part of the program. I’m responsible for the branding and recruitment efforts, and making decisions regarding how the program will continue to grow! I go into schools to work directly with the students involved and I attend their events to show our support! I also oversee a committee of 17 AMAZING UConn students who help me to reach out to schools all over Connecticut, visit schools with me, and who voice their ideas for the program. None of what I’ve done would be possible without them!”
What advice can you give to people doing their first HuskyTHON? Any tips for handling the 18 hours of dancing? “Get PLENTY of rest in the next few days leading up to the event and make sure that you’re eating right! Don’t skip meals and drink lots of water. If you drink a lot of coffee, try cutting back a little (it may sound really difficult but trust me on this one). During the night-of, definitely make sure to learn the morale dance, participate in activities, hang out with the kids, dress up for theme hours, and try to make some new friends! If you’re having fun, the 18 hours will absolutely fly by.”
What is your favorite thing about being a husky? “We have such a diverse and passionate student body. Separately we all do our own amazing things, but its just so incredible when we can all come together for a common cause (like HuskyTHON)! It really is the students that make UConn what it is, and I’m proud to be associated with so many great people!”
Social Media Director for Her Campus UConn. I am a Communication major and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies minor at the University of Connecticut. Currently a PR Assitant for Mintz + Hoke.
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