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New Year’s Resolutions for the Best Year Ever

Finally, we’ve almost made it through 2021. The last two years have been full of chaos, so it’s no surprise that many of us are waiting in great anticipation for the promise of a calmer 2022. While there’s no telling what crazy twists of fate may knock the wind out of our sails once again in the coming year, an attitude of positivity going into it can only be helpful. So, press play on your “Top Songs of 2021” Spotify playlist, grab a snack and peruse my top 6 New Year’s resolution ideas for 2022.

Prioritize self-care.

Whether you devote an hour each day to pursuing your hobbies or indulge in some ice cream and your favorite TV show once a week, make it a goal to show yourself the love and care you give to everyone else. Every act of self-care will make you feel more relaxed, worthy, and capable of conquering your goals.

Get your body moving.

This is a common New Year’s resolution, and one that is often abandoned a few weeks into January. If you set this goal, be specific: aim to take a yoga class once a week, get 10,000 steps in each day, or run a certain distance by the end of the year.

Spend less time on your phone.

Too much time on your cell phone is unhealthy for your body and mind, not to mention a huge waste of time. Consider making 2022 the year that you get your phone usage in check and devote the hours you would’ve spent scrolling to something more fulfilling.

Compliment yourself each day.

Everyone loves receiving compliments from others, but how often do you say kind words to yourself? When you look in the mirror, notice your favorite features, remember some great things you’ve accomplished, and remind yourself of all the kind things you’ve done for others. You don’t need to rely on outside validation if you are constantly uplifting yourself.

Set healthy boundaries.

Make this the year the one where you finally stand up for yourself in every situation. Practice saying no, prioritizing yourself, and resisting pressure from others to do things you’d rather avoid.

Adopt a positive attitude.

The quality of your life is largely determined by how you choose to perceive it. So, make the decision to think positively this year. Redirect yourself away from any negative thoughts you have, and instead focus on what you have to be grateful for and all the wonderful things in your life. This may just change the course of your entire 2022.

See you in the new year!

Amanda is a freshman at UConn studying environmental studies and journalism.
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