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Procrastinating online classes has allowed me a lot of time to perfect my Spotify playlist-making, and I’ve found that there’s a lot of good new music out there. If you’re looking for some new tunes to listen to while WFH, look no further. Here are some of my favorites from the last few months!

“Our Song” by Rainbow Kitten Surprise

“Our Song” is Rainbow Kitten Surprise’s first release since last year. It’s very unique and catchy for so many reasons, some of which being their use of acoustic guitar and stop-and-go. I’ve never been a huge fan of RKS but this song definitely rekindled my interest.

  “Better in College” by Robert DeLong feat. Ashe

After discovering this song, there was one day when I listened to it 5 times over. Ashe is a great addition to any song and her’s and DeLong’s voices compliment each other so well. I see this song as becoming a big college anthem (I hope it does) because the chorus is so memorable.

“Block Your Number” by Maude Latour

I first heard of 20-year-old college student Maude Latour on Tik Tok when someone posted about her potential to become the next big new indie artist (think an edgier Chelsea Cutler). “Block Your Number” is the ultimate breakup anthem with an addictive chorus. “Furniture” is another one of my favorites, but search her up and give her the hype she deserves… I’m investing now.

“Afterthought” by Joji feat. BENEE

Joji’s second album, Nectar, is full of hits. I especially like “Afterthought” because of the collaboration with BENEE, which is always a good idea and completes the song perfectly. “Pretty Boy”, “Run”, and “Tick Tock” is also worth the listen!

“I’m Amazing” by Omar Apollo

I looove Omar Apollo. His new album Apolonio is so good and it’s hard to choose a favorite. I especially like “I’m Amazing” because of the beat and his use of English and Spanish, but I would also recommend “The Two of Us” and “Useless.” Omar is an artist with consistency, so it’s best to start any introduction with his older songs!

“Blind” by ROLE MODEL

ROLE MODEL (yes, the guy rumored to be dating Emma Chamberlain) just released a new EP, our little angel. The tracks stick to what he does best: putting the intersection between mental illness and hookup culture into words. If you’re interested, “Going Out” is just as catchy as “Blind.”

“Sleepy Hollow” by Trippie Redd

“Sleepy Hollow” was released before Trippie Redd’s latest EP and is a song that always gets me hyped up. I admire him not only for his unique voice but also for his approach to music. He doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously and I think that’s refreshing (enter his most recent EP Spooky Sounds, which is just 5 tracks of Halloween-themed sounds). 

“Virtual Aerobics” by Wallows

“Virtual Aerobics” is one of the singles from Wallows’ new EP, Remote. Although I like all of the songs on it, this one stands out in particular because of its fun sound and the cute and goofy lyric video that goes along with it. “Coastlines” and “Nobody Gets Me (Like You)” are my runner ups if you end up hooked!

“So What!” by jxdn

This song is a little different than what I typically gravitate towards, but I’ve been on a Machine Gun Kelly kick lately (post-Eminem beef MGK) and it appeared on my Release Radar. Jxdn has the same pop-punk style as MGK, so if you’re into that I would check out “So What.” Even if you’re not, you might be pleasantly surprised; I wasn’t really, either!

“All About You” by Leon Bridges and Lucky Daye

Leon Bridges has such a smooth voice and is a king of ballads. “All About You” is no exception! This song is sultry and low-key with beautiful harmonies. If you like Leon, “Sweeter” featuring Terrace Martin is also worth listening to, both for its message about the Black experience as well its musicality.

Sarah is a senior at the University of Connecticut majoring in political science and minoring in French and communication, and the current President of Her Campus UConn! In her spare time, she enjoys going to concerts, reading, and hiking.
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