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My First Experience Buying Concert Tickets at UConn

The Schoolboy Q feat. A$ap Ferg UConn Spring concert tickets went on sale this past Monday, March 9th at noon.

I was ready to buy my tickets, and got on the server right at noon!

To my surprise my spot in line was 1,450.

With only 1,000 floor seats being sold I already knew I was not going to get one.

When it was my time to buy the tickets I bought 2 seats. I guess sitting won’t be all that bad.

Moments after my purchase I see on the Buy or Sell UConn Tickets Facebook page that someone posted, “Selling two floor tickets to Schoolboy Q”……..

Seriously! You were buying them to just turn around and sell them? C’mon. Some people actually really wanted to go and be on the floor.

Overall, my first time buying concert tickets here at UConn was quite the experience. I’m happy that I at least got seats, and I can’t wait to see Schoolboy and Ferg!

Social Media Director for Her Campus UConn. I am a Communication major and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies minor at the University of Connecticut. Currently a PR Assitant for Mintz + Hoke.
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